Are Cloud Gaming Services the Future of Gaming?

Gone are the days when you had to visit the local gaming store to pick up the latest video game. The digital gaming revolution swallowed the brick and mortar video game business and fewer people now leave their homes searching for video games. This is the same case with the gambling houses. Earlier people used to rush to the physical casinos to try their hand at slots or table games. Nowadays, they can access the titles they want on their computers or mobile phones. If you thought that this was a major breakthrough in gaming, wait until you hear the next phase of the digital gaming revolution. It is now time to acquaint myself with cloud gaming.

Cloud Gaming: What is it? 

Cloud gaming or gaming on demand allows the users to stream and play their favorite games directly from the cloud. There is no need to meet any specific hardware requirements or use any gaming device to play the titles of your choice. It works in the same vein as you stream movies and other video content from popular streaming services like Prime Video, Netflix, or Hulu on your television. All this is possible because of the evolution of technology and the fresh innovations in it.

Cloud gaming is a process where the games you like to play or gamble on undergoes processing on an online server and not on your device. You send input instructions from your device controls like mouse or keyboard and you get your actions broadcasted back to you on your TV screens. The processing of the game takes place in the cloud server. The device you use to play is connected to this server.

The Benefits of Cloud Gaming

Cloud gaming offers many benefits for the iGaming industry as well as the players.

  1. Play from Anywhere

It allows you to break free from the tangles of the consoles. You can play the titles you like from anywhere and there is no need to visit a gaming center or have access to your computers to play. You can play games on your Android or iOS device through an app. There is no need to install any software or any game to try it. No more installing drivers and mods to play games. All data is available on the cloud and you can access it anytime.

  1. Lower Operating Costs

The users enjoy the benefit of not having to update their processing systems to meet the requirements of the high-end games. No matter if you are looking to try out the latest 3D graphics slot or visit the high profile live casino, you can do it with any device when you access it through the cloud server. All you need is a high-quality monitor and a decent processor.

  1. No Need to Worry about Hard Disk Space

With cloud gaming options, the user does not have to think about downloading the software or the games on their devices. No disk space is lost when gambling on the popular titles available on the cloud. The site’s casino games are easily accessible on the cloud and you can play any chosen title instantly. They come with high-quality resolutions that work perfectly on moderate intent speeds.

  1. Boost Incompatibility

The games come with HTML5 technology and this is a boost for most of the cloud gaming casinos. They get to access these popular titles on a wide variety of devices even if they are not the high-end ones. This is because of the type of browsers supported by the gaming sites.

How does Cloud Gaming Work?

The working of cloud gaming is very simple if you are aware of how video streaming platforms work. When playing a video game or a slot in the cloud, you have to input commands constantly and the game responds to your commands. The input commands are run over a network. There is a remote computer working in the background that is running the game you are playing. The remote machine responds to your input commands and the stream shown on your computer or mobile is in response to the updated commands.

All this input and response takes place in a fraction of a second. You are connected to the servers in a data center. The cloud gaming providers using the dedicated servers as against the shared servers offer the best services without any lag or delay. The use of dedicated resources ensures high-end picture quality, distortion-free graphics, and great speeds even on modest internet connections.

How do Casinos Offer Cloud Gambling Solutions?

The server-based slot games establish a connection with the central computer system. The terminals of the slots machines in a casino are common. The slot managers are given permission to change the bonus payouts, the denominations, the bonuses, and the slot games right from the central computer server. There is no need for any technicians to carry out the changes manually. With the help of a server-based system, a soon to be outdated slot is replaced with any other title in a matter of seconds. By doing so, they do not have to waste a lot of money to buy a new slot machine for the casino floor to display the new game. All the cloud-based casino has to do is to pay the license fee for the new title they have downloaded.

Final Thoughts 

Cloud gaming is in its mid-stages of testing and still there are a few things that need to be done to make it foolproof. The work on it is going on at a steady pace. Once everything is set right, cloud gaming could revolutionize the iGaming industry and it could turn out to be the next big thing like how video streaming services revolutionized the movie business. There needs to be the right equipment and the technologies that companies have to invest in to bring out the best results. There is no doubt that it can soon turn out to be the future of gaming.

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