10 benefits of having a POS Software

With the progress in the software industry, the old mechanical cash registers are becoming obsolete and being replaced with more improved Point of Sale software. The new systems are capable of tracking customers and offers suggestions as explained by Commence. It won’t make you an overnight millionaire but will surely increase your revenue.

Here I have listed the top 10 benefits that you can have using POS software over the cash register.

1. Sales Reports

The POS system provides a good overview of your system. Reports can be generated weekly, monthly, and annually. The owner can choose their suitable time frame, and the POS tool automates the report generation.

Based on the current status of your inventory and new products, you can also plan the revenue statistically and save the information for your future references.

Most of the POS systems out there provide the ability to customize reports as per your requirements. These reports can have details like the orders received today, stock management reports, and inventory sold at the end of the day.

2. Fast Service

Customers waiting in long lines to be served are not the right image for your company’s service. Using POS can quicken your transactions and short waiting times. Most of the systems come with integrated support of tools such as barcode scanner, credit card swipe machine, and receipt printer, which moves the whole checkout services much faster.

3. Improve Productivity

The overall productivity of your business can be drastically improved if you replace your current cash register with the point on sale system. They are lower in cost and automated, so you don’t need to hire and train any employee to handle the cash register.

It should also be noted that this system comes with all features and tools that minimize the take taken by your employees to execute specific tasks. Also, using all in one POS system will help you decrease the number of equipment that you need to maintain.

4. Adapt to Product offers

The reports generated can give you an opportunity to identify which products or categories are more popular among your customers, and what you can do to improve the customer experience.

Also, with today’s advanced development in the field of Machine learning and Artificial intelligence, the POS systems can track customer shopping trends and generates appropriate reports. Business owners can then adapt their business style according to the customer’s liking.

5. Loyalty Program

The POS systems can keep track of the products brought by a customer and also about their favourite products as they browse through the platform. Based on this data, then you can provide personalized choice when that user again visits your platform. This will make them feel well treated and thus building you a loyal customer base.

6.  Employee Management

The sales numbers for the company can be increased drastically by analyzing the data collected by POS software. The system gives you individual performance by your sales team; this way, you can know which members were top performers and to which members you need to provide attention in order to increase their performance.

Also, the employees can be given access to the platform so they can themselves analyze their performance and also compare it to their peers. This way, it makes the environment competitive in a friendly manner; you can give a boost to your revenues.

7. Prevent Errors

More involvement of humans also increases the probability of errors as humans are not as efficient as machines. POS software has a minimum requirement of any human interaction; once you set certain features to automatic updates, then you don’t have to worry about updating them and can focus on more critical tasks.

8. Easy to Upgrade

Compared to traditional cash registers that have very few options to upgrade to, you’ll find that the POS systems have a lot more options to upgrade to. The system also provides the flexibility to update and add more new features. Thus in the POS system, different modules with better functionalities can be added and make the system better.

9. Inventory management

POS system comes with features that let you manage your inventory efficiently in a better way. With the system, you can track how much of your inventory has been sold, and when is the time to refill the stock. They provide you with the inventory data which you can’t get from the traditional cash registers.

10. Support different payment methods

The POS system comes with support for payment services like credit/debit cards, online payment platforms, and evens cheques. If the owner wishes and the system have that integration capability, you can even use other third-party payment systems for checkout.


It’s essential to keep up with this fast-changing technology. Learning a new system like POS software might take a few efforts, but in the end, it will provide a lot of benefits. It packs features that can give a lot of ease for small business owners and save a lot of money also. Here is the list of a few open source POS software to give you a head start.

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