Why Use Automation Testing?

The definition of Automation testing in simple words is the use of tools and programming to perform experiments on different test cases and automatically compare them to expected results, providing a detailed report. To lay it out plainly, unlike the manual testing where a tester has to manually click, enter test data, report outcomes, and repeat the same process multiple times, the automation testing allows the tester to enter test data and report outcomes for as many times as required.

Lets discuss more about it so anyone can understand it correctly.

Automation testing:

The main benefits of the automation testing is the ability to repeat process as many times as required and test reliably. The progression in the content is included continuously. The procedure can only be changed by the tester, each turn is same like the last, and every outcome is reported continuously.

The automated testing has a lot of advantages if it is implemented correctly. The main and most important benefit is the capability to test 24 hours a day, seven days a week without the need of the testers for the same time duration. This saves time, money, and human resources.

Moreover, it allows you to test different test cases on various platforms at the same time with multiple reoorts generation. You can also compare the results if you are planning to test a mobile application on different mobiles. Again, money and time are saved with the help of automation testing.

When to Automate?

The automation testing is not the right step for all kinds of projects or even different stages of a project. But the environment that automation testing fits best is the TDD or Test Driven Development.

Test Driven Development circles around two things: creating just enough coding to pass a test or testing to fail a unit of coding. Considering this set of activities, it is clear that there will be a number of test runs on any unit of coding in the development phase. The tester needs to go through all of the use cases for the unit every time it is available for testing if manual testing is used.

The cycle from testing to development to testing is easier and quicker due to the automated testing. The code is developed or changed to make the unit clear a set of different test cases. The coding is stopped until regression testing is required if the unit passes the tests.


Test automation can initially feel overwhelming, but there are significant benefits for the software companies implementing scriptless test automation. By deploying an easy to use framework where no coding is required, testers can quickly create 100s of automated tests for web, mobile and desktop applications, saving time and money compared to manual testing. One test automation tool that accomplish this is ZeuZ Automation. With the power of Artificial Intelligence, testing coverage, speed, and quality improves significantly, all while lowering testing costs.

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