Too Many Turtles: This Game Saves Turtles

Peter Pettigrew is a Box Turtle. Our friend Summer rescued him almost a year ago and he’s been on the up and up ever since! Peter has come out of his shell more and taken to exploring more. Summer says she’s enjoyed watching him become more active since she took him in. His vibrant orange coloring made him pop with the fall leaves and he definitely wasn’t afraid to strut his stuff for our (very first) Turtle Photoshoot!

Peter loved the eggs we brought for him, although he didn’t care much for the apples and cucumbers we brought. Summer assured us the apples and cucumbers would be eaten once he was out of the spotlight. One interesting fact we learned while researching Box Turtles is that they are commonly called Box Tortoises due to their similar shape, but they are not tortoises.

Too Many Turtles is a game for people who love sea turtles and pet turtles alike. Our game includes several cards based on actual turtle species, such as Barry, the Box Turtle. These cards include actual facts and information about various turtle species. This can be particularly helpful in cases like the Red Eared Slider, which can life for 45-60 years in the wild. This turtle is a very popular pet but their average lifespan in captivity is approximately 2 years. People often get small turtles as pets without doing the proper research, and they end up with more than they wanted. This leads to either mistreated, dead, or abandoned pet turtles and we’re hoping our game can help spread more information in cases like this.

You can find our game on Kickstarter Campaign or for more information, check out our Press Release.

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