How to write a will for young adults

A lot of young adults typically steer clear of writing a will as they think that they are not really wealthy old enough to require one. Nevertheless, life can often take unexpected turns for the young adults and therefore it is necessary that they have a will ready irrespective of their finances or their age. In case you die without leaving any will, decisions about the distribution of your material property is going to be taken by a probate court based on your state’s laws. Therefore, you may have little to no control over the final outcome. This can invariably lead to a lot of problems for your family members and friends. Hence it is always advisable that you create a will for yourself.

Do you really need a will testimonial?

The will that you create for managing your property after you die enables you to become responsible for your future as well as the future of your loved ones. The document of the will can make it possible for you to have complete control over your property, be it a house, a garden or a landscaping area, a commercial enterprise or a building, a savings account, gold and jewelry or even a CD/DVD collection. With the help of a will, you can care for all your dependents as well as your loved ones from unnecessary legal hassles and bouts of uncertainty while dealing with your earthly possessions. With the help of a will, it is possible to avoid a lot of hassles later on.

Legal requirements for a valid written will

These are the basic steps associated with creating a will.

  • The initial step that you need to take when you are looking to create a will is come up with a complete list of all kinds of material possessions that you have. This may include electronics, bank accounts, any amount of cash, a car, a piece of land, a house, a commercial enterprise or entity or any other item that has a definite monetary value.

  • You can then decide on the beneficiaries of all these assets. The beneficiaries are people or organizations that might receive your property once you pass away.

  • Young adults are unlikely to have any children. However if you still do or you have any brothers or sisters who depend on you for your sustenance, it is important that you choose someone or some entity who can take care of them when they are gone. The same also applies to any pets that you may have. By deciding on someone in advance who can take care of your pets or any children/siblings that you have, you can make sure that they stay protected and cared for.

  • It is also advisable that you choose some people as alternative guardians and beneficiaries if something happens to the ones whom you chose initially.

  • You should also have someone who can serve as the executor of the will that you create. Such a person is going to protect your property as well as make sure that everything is handled according to the instructions presented in the will.

How to compose a last will and testament

After you have developed an idea of what you are going to include in your will, it is time for you to make a draft of the will. This is something that you can do all by yourself or get a qualified attorney from a wills and trust law firm who can do it for you. Even if you choose to draft the will wholly on your own, it is advisable that you have a professional attorney go through it and review it so that it does not contain any kind of errors. There are actually several laws associated with writing wills and it is quite natural for you as a layman to not be aware of all of them. In such cases, an attorney can help to make sure that everything is in proper order so that the instructions of the will are carried out in the proper manner.

The will that you create for the handling of your earthly possessions after your death must be presented in writing and the document of the will should be the ultimate authority on proper distribution of all your property. Once prepared, you must sign the document and put the date on it in front of two witnesses having no interest regarding the will. Additionally, you should also format the will according to the laws of the state that you are in. The lawyer should be able to determine that your will has complete legal validity and it reflects your intentions and decisions accurately.

A lot of people these days choose to use computer software applications and online platforms to create their wills. This is perfectly alright, as long as you make sure that the website is a reputable one and the forms are perfectly in line with the current regulations that are applicable in your state.

Updating your will

Once you have completely drafted the will, it is important that you keep updating the will from time to time according to the various changes that take place in your life. Such incidents may include inheriting some kind of property, choosing to get married or get divorced, having your first baby, having your second baby, going through an accident and other important happenings. You can either decide to amend and change the existing will or come up with a new one. No matter the decision you take, it is vitally important that you consult your attorney as he or she will be able to guide you in the best possible way about your will. If you need help in editing or writing the document itself, you can always request help from professional writers from

While it is true that writing a will can often seem to be a complex task, you should keep in mind that with the right kind of guidance and help, you can definitely achieve it without any hassle. So do not hesitate to start drafting your will today so that it protects all your beneficiaries.

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