How to Make Your Home Cat-Proof?

Cats are loved by everyone, no matter what breed or species they belong to, but they always attract people with their cuteness. So, if you want to adopt a cute little kitten, you must prepare your home first because we have many things at our houses that can be harmful to a newly adopted pet. Today, we are going to elaborate on a few things that you should consider while bringing a new pet at home. Just follow us.

How to make your home cat-proof:

Cats need care as your home can present many different hazards. Follow these tips to best prepare your home for your new cat:

1.     Tie up the blind cords and cut the loops:

A kitten can get harmed or even choke themselves with dazzle strings. Biting is an ordinary kitty interest, so don’t let them snack on electrical ropes, links, or telephone chargers as they can choke on small pieces that break off, or even shock themselves.

In addition, pet blog PetToy UK says, “More importantly, you don’t want your cat clinging on to things (like curtains, blinds or tablecloths), that may fall and hurt or frighten them.”

2.     Keep candles up high:

A curious kitten shouldn’t play with fire. Flameless candles the same ambience without being a peril to hairs and tails. When you cat proof your home, make sure you are applying safety precautions for your new family member.

3.     Keep away oils and other personal care products:

We know that cats love to play with anything and as they are famously curious creatures, if you leave an oil bottle out, they can drink it or slip down and get injured. Therefore it’s best to keep these things away from your kitty and ensure you’re in the room if you do use them. It’s also worth remembering that some oils can be poisonous to cats, so do your homework beforehand.

4.     Think before planting poisonous plants:

Watch out for harmful plants and blossoms. Like Lilies, sago palms, and cyclamen are only a couple of plants that can cause severe issues for your kitty. Again, do your research before deciding on what houseplants you decorate your home with. There are lots of guides online that you can refer to, or your vet will also be able to advise.

5.     Keep kitchen cabinets closed:

Cats love to explore your home, so keep your kitchen and bathroom doors closed. In particular, you want to keep cupboard doors close so your cat can’t get access to any chemicals that may harm them. Remember, cats love to chew things – the last thing you want to happen is for them to chew through washing powder packaging.

6.     Be careful when using the stove

Your kitty is in for an awkward landing if they attempt to bounce onto a stovetop being used. When you’re using the stove, make sure you don’t leave your cat in the kitchen unsupervised as they can burn themselves on hot stoves or knock over pots and pans. And they’ll also probably try to eat whatever it is you’re cooking too!

With a bit of effort, your home can be made cat-proof easily. It’s up to you to ensure your new cat can come home to safe environment.

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