6 Best Men Rose Gold Watches

The modern man has a lot of options when it comes to quality timepieces. Gold watches, for obvious reasons, remain the favorite of some. As much as they are still loved, the traditional yellow gold watches are steadily being replaced by rose gold watches, which offer some notable advantages.

Rose gold watches represent a crop of watches that are made from an increasingly popular gold alloy that is derived by adding copper to gold. While ‘Rose’ in the name will make them sound effeminate, these gold watches are darker and more unique than the regular yellow gold. The high amount of copper in the alloy gives it a unique color and scheme.

As has been hinted, rose gold watches are currently the real deal for men. They are regarded by fashion-conscious individuals as the new modern classic. In terms of look, they are the perfect fit for modern masculinity and generally exude prime elegance. They represent the best way to appear classy and fashionable at the same time.

Why Get a Rose Gold Watch?

Gold watches have often been used to identify real men from the crowd. While any gold jewelry will be highly regarded by anyone who knows what it is, gold watches are best worn fashionably. They have to look good and match with other pieces of clothing and fashion accessories the wearer has on too. The deeper red tones of rose gold watches make them just great for stylish men who want to look sophisticated without appearing too elaborate.

Do Rose Gold Watches Have Advantages?

Besides the vintage appearance of rose gold watches and the simple fact that they look more fashionable and trendy, are there more advantages? From what we know so far, they seem to have many more benefits over typical men’s gold watches. Here are some of the major benefits and good reasons to buy these watches:

They Are Easy To Maintain: Rose gold watches have also been found to be easy to maintain. Even as a fashionable man, you don’t have to spend so much time and money just to maintain your gold watch. It is easier and cheaper to maintain rose gold than the others.

They Are Unique and Trendy: We have maintained from the beginning of this article that rose gold is the new modern classic. Many fashionable men have realized this and are going for these unique gold watches. They are trendy and will make you look as stylish as you should in this modern age.

How to Find the Best Rose Gold Watches

Like all fashion items, rose gold watches are already in abundance. Many manufacturers are releasing different models regularly. It is important that you consider each fashion investment you want to make carefully, including the purchase of a rose gold watch.

Among the various factors to consider before buying a rose gold watch, the reputation of the manufacturer is of utmost importance. We always recommend buying from highly reputable watchmakers like Filippo Loreti.

You also consider the type of rose gold watch you want to buy. They come in different designs and styles, and you need to buy what you will feel comfortable wearing.

6 Best Rose Gold Watches to Purchase

If you are feeling positive about buying a rose gold watch, here are six of the best options you can buy. While they are from the same brand, they are among the very best models on the market right night:

  • Ascari Indigo Rose Gold Rubber

  • Okeanos Rose Gold Blue Rubber

  • Venice Rose Gold Automatic

  • Odyssey Moss Rose Gold Rubber

  • Legio General Nato

  • Ascari Grand Prix GP 1952

Rose Gold watches are great timepieces for the modern man. As a fashion-conscious individual, you need one or more of these watches in your collection. If you are hoping to purchase one or more, the six premium models from Filippo Loreti listed above are great options to consider. 

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