Take Inspiration From These 2020 Kitchen Cabinet Trends

A new year means a fresh start. It also means upgrading to a more efficient and stylish living space. With all fantastic trends popping, this could be the year you’ll start renovating to achieve your dream home.

The kitchen is perhaps one of the areas you’d like to renovate. You can create an impression by updating your kitchen cabinets. And remodeling your storage space is the quickest and easiest way to transform to do so.

Here are the newest trends to inspire and update the heart of your kitchen. Read on!


Eco-friendly products are a popular trend in the market today. Eco-friendly is the practice of conserving resources like water and energy, preventing excessive waste and pollution, and being conscious of the products you consume.

If you’re planning to remodel your kitchen, there are plenty of eco-friendly kitchen cabinets you can get. There are formaldehyde-free alternatives, low or no-VCO finishes, and sustainable and renewable wood choices.

Getting eco-friendly cabinetry can improve your home’s indoor air quality and reduce toxins, especially for households with growing children. These cabinets are also very stylish and durable.

You can even pair your eco-friendly cabinets with energy efficient kitchen lighting and appliances. Choosing to go green can make high impacts on the environment.

Neutral and Cool Toned Scheme

Color is perhaps what makes every design pop. This year, neutral and cool tones remain popular in kitchen cabinetry.

Some popular neutral colors for kitchen cabinets this year are grey and white. These colors can easily match almost any color. You won’t have a hard time matching other aspects of your kitchen if you get cabinets in these colors.

Grey can bring the warmth inside the kitchen. It also provides a sleek, professional, and stylish finish. It renders a cheerful and unique look if paired with a pop of color like a yellow or mustard wall.

A white kitchen cabinet, on the other hand, is a classic trend. It provides a clean and sophisticated look. You can play with metallic fixtures for a refreshing take, or make a glamorous impression by pairing it with glass.

Cool tones are also trending this year. A slight wash of color from jewel-toned cabinets can make a bold statement in every kitchen space. It also adds style and glam. Popular cool tones are emerald green, sapphire blue, or crimson red.

There are several beautiful neutral and cool-toned shades that are pre-assembled online at https://kitchencabinetkings.com/. They have many cabinet options that are durable and affordable.

Getting cabinets pre-assembled can save you time and cost as they arrive ready to install out of the box. You can easily match the available tones like crimson, mustard, white to any kitchen design that you prefer.


Solid wood is already a common material for kitchen cabinets. Reliable wood options include cherry, maple, ash, oak, and hickory. This year, walnut cabinets are becoming a more popular trend.

Walnut is smooth, beautiful, and has straight wood grain. Walnut also has vibrant colors like deep chocolate, light reddish-gray brown, bright yellow, or light brown.

Walnut is very durable because it is a dense wood. It is also water-resistant, making it perfect for humidity changes inside a kitchen. Walnut cabinets are also easy to maintain. Just keep in mind that the color naturally fades as it ages.

Walnut kitchen cabinets also serve as neutral ground for contrasting fixtures like stainless steel or brass. It is also very flexible and can perfectly match other elements like kitchenware or appliances.

However, walnut cabinets are an expensive choice because walnuts are exotic and rare wood. A 10 by ten kitchen would roughly cost around $4,000 to $6,000.

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With minimalism quickly becoming mainstream, it also inspires designers to create a minimalist and streamlined look for kitchen cabinets. Thus, resulting in a hands-free kitchen cabinet design.

These cabinets look sleek, elegant, and practical. There are several ways to do handless kitchen cabinets that are available in the market today. For instance, some doors hand over the base to provide a little lip for your finger to pull it open. Another way is a touch-open cabinet; you’ll just need to push the doors to pop it open.

Another way is hidden handles, invisible hardware, and cutouts designed for a sleek and clean look. These modern designs allow you to go hands-free when working in the kitchen.

Contrasting colors for the base, doors, and countertops is also a popular trend for these types of cabinets. There is also a wide range of finishes available for everyone’s taste.

Handless kitchen cabinets are perfect for creating an airy and open feel. You even go more minimalist by choosing plain countertops and wood finishes.


Start your year by updating your kitchen cabinets to newer trends that can make your space look modern and unique. These design trends are gaining popularity for their reasonable, efficient, and fresh take to kitchen cabinets.

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