Suggestions for preventing infidelity

What starts with an innocent friendship, can easily lead to a third party that interferes with a partner’s life. Given the evidence that our society is in conflict with the continuation of marriage, several services have proposed multiplying preventive measures to strengthen and protect affective marriage ties. Many family and marriage counselors warn about the dangers of infidelity between partners. Today is the era of digital technology and every affair can take place much easier and more difficult to detect than two decades ago. Therefore the existence of tracker applications such as those which can be found at is quite necessary. In this article you can find out some steps to prevent cheating and how to make a reconciliation, between you and your spouse.

Protect yourself

We need to place a protective barrier around our marriage, that is, make decisions that, as a precautionary measure, keep temptation away and make marriage a priority. In fact, he recommends five precautions to protect the relationship from a woman’s perspective, but that also applies to men:

  1. Don’t be too innocent

Most people end up having stories they don’t want; adultery begins with an innocent relationship that finally reaches an emotional depth that crosses the line of loyalty.

  1. Invest in your home

A strong marriage is built by spending time together, laughing together, playing together. If you don’t have time with your partner, plan the next few months and prioritize sharing time.

  1. Pay attention to what you think

If you think about your partner’s failures every day, if the time you spend thinking about them focuses on disability and failure, it’s easy for others to look better and attract you. Make a written list of strengths that initially attracted you to your partner. Put more emphasis on animating and supporting and reducing criticism.

  1. Don’t make comparisons

We all have bad habits, manias, and blemishes. It’s very unfair to compare your wife or husband with a new acquaintance, because with newcomers we don’t live in the real world, in a world where we have to share everything, care for children at three in the morning, take care of counting and more.

  1. Looking for help

Seeking help is a solution and sign of strength. Looking for help that is willing to fight, is the first step to strength. A good Christian family therapist or advisor will provide you with a calm and valuable perspective for building new strategies to protect, maintain or rebuild your marriage.

The following are practical healing exercises to prepare you for the path of forgiveness. You can do it as long as you think it’s necessary, but we recommend that for at least a week, at the start.

As a couple, you both need to dedicate space, time for sincere and open dialogue.

1. On a designated day, take time (as long as possible) to share what you have written during individual practice time. If you do this part well, the fruit can be amazing.

2. Together, look for an agreement to avoid, in the future, what hurts or upsets others. It is also a time when forgiveness appears in renewing love, acknowledging God as its source. A goal can appear for periodic review. Every couple will find the best way to continue this for their growth.

3. In the end, it’s time to do the opposite: a list of things that you need to forgive your partner. Here, too, it is important to write it with the greatest alms and respect possible, not condemn, leaving the door open for repentance.

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