How to Paraphrase an Essay?

“To Paraphrase means to reword or restatement a text or a paragraph to expand clarify, borrow or expand information without plagiarizing.”

In simple words, paraphrasing is a writing style in which you change a piece of writing in our words without changing its context. It is a tricky task for sure. You cannot borrow someone else’s content. Doing a Citation cannot only save you from plagiarism. Now you have different paraphrasing tools and Spin Rewriter as well that can make your work even easier for you. Simply add your text in the box of the paraphrasing tool and click on the “rewrite” button, your paraphrasing is done.

Why Paraphrasing is Important

As a writer, your credibility is important. When you paraphrase the content, if shows that you understand the meaning and message of the former content and you can describe it well which in fact, increase your worth.

  • We do paraphrase to explain the idea of the context in detail
  • To understand the idea of the author, you can check it by paraphrasing it. When you compare your writing with the original, you can compare the level of understanding you have developed in your mind
  • Paraphrase someone else context is also helpful to support your idea which you are trying to convey as an example to back you up
  • To make a parody of a content, paraphrasing is used to add humor in it
  • While sharing complex information, it needs to be simple so I can be understood by the majority. Paraphrasing helps to describe the hard information to make it smooth

Paraphrasing Tool is also introduced as it has so many benefits for the writers. For avoid plagiarism, one needs to learn how to write in one’s own understanding of the context.

Features for a good paraphrasing

  • It should not miss out the idea of the author of the original source
  • It needs to fair and accurate
  • The content you are writing should be wholly in your own words, copy and pasting has no worth
  • Citation of the paraphrasing is necessary

Paraphrasing drawbacks in your essay

Paraphrasing becomes difficult when you try to change the meaning of different words in the same sentence you are paraphrasing; it does not save you from an allegation of plagiarized content. It is more than changing words or using different synonyms.

Things to do while paraphrasing an essay

Understand the context

When you choose a paragraph or statement to paraphrase, read it twice or thrice to understand its context. The flow and style of writing vary from one person to another.

Make Notes out of it

Figure out the writing style and flow of the content and note down the key points out of it which you need to address.

Re-write the Content

Once you line up the points, write them down in your own words and do not tally with the int the content. Now compare your writing with the source and adjust the minor things which seem similar in it.

Citation is must

Afterward, cite the site of the content correctly. It is ethically right as you are using someone else’ idea in your essay. Also, if you want your essay should be plagiarism free, do cite it.

Paraphrasing and quoting

If you got stuck and not able to find other words to replace or to find out a sequence to re-write it, simply write down the content in quotation mark. Sometimes it is fine to use quoting while paraphrasing.

Do not mix paraphrasing with a summary

A summary is a piece of writing which explains the whole idea of the required contexts in a shorter way. It only includes the key points of the original source. You also re-write the context for paraphrasing, but it also includes the sub-points of the original version. You need to add the details to support your idea according to it.

Checklist to confirm you paraphrased all the important out of it

  • What you are trying to write the important points in it?
  • What is it important to be stated in your essay?
  • How the researched information is related to your essay and where you are lacking?

Tips for Paraphrasing your Essay

There are various methods to paraphrase the content; paraphrasing tool can also work well to some extent. But sometimes it only changes a few words and their meanings which do not clear the plagiarism things from it. For manual paraphrasing, use some of our tips:

How to start

When you read out the whole paragraph, the extracted key points will help you out in staring your writing. Try to start with the point which is discussed in the third or fourth number in the original context. Then get back to the first point. By altering the sequence of the points from original, you can paraphrase easily. The order and flow can easily be tackled by such technique.

Synonyms are the best friends

Try to avoid using the same words as used in the original. The synonyms help in building a different style of the sentence and the structure of the whole context will be altered from the original piece. Just be sure the synonym you are selecting and using must convey the same message, it should not be off from the sense. Use as many synonyms as you can in paraphrasing. Paraphrasing tool also works in the same way.

Structure of a sentence is important

Another pro tip is to use active voice and passive voice sentences to alter the sentence. A simple structure of a sentence is in order of ‘subject + object’, i.e., I am writing a letter. In passive voice, the subject is replaced by the object and vice versa, i.e., a letter is written by me.

Discrete the sentences

You can play with the formation of small but more sentences while paraphrasing a paragraph. If you have along with sentence in original content, break it into two to three sentences. In some cases, the two lines have the same meaning and sense; you can extract the idea from both and make a single sentence out of it.

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