6 Fun Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day at the Office

As Christmas holidays passed, time starts to fly by and Valentine’s day is already at our doorstep. Valentine’s day is usually associated with chocolate, flowers, and romantic dates. But what we usually forget is that not only our romantic interests can be our valentines.

As most of us will spend Valentine’s at the office, why don’t we show some appreciation to our hardworking coworkers? Even though celebrating Valentine’s day at the office may seem a bit unusual, it’s a great way to promote team spirit and workplace culture. If you’re not certain how to do so, here are 6 fun ways to celebrate that day at the office.

1. A little party never killed nobody

Is there a better way to spend Valentine’s day than with your coworkers? To be honest, probably. But while we’re stuck at the office from nine to five, we can make the most out of it. Organise a party! No, not a carouse.

Talk to your manager about organising a small party, so everyone can relax for a while. It doesn’t have to be anything super fancy. Light music, snacks, and chatting are a great way to relax with your coworkers after straining work. It’s an excellent opportunity to get to know your coworkers better on informal terms and take your mind off of stressful job.  In addition to that, you now have an excuse to play sappy lovesongs everyone pretends to dislike. Sing along to Taylor Swift and dance to Katy Perry’s top hits. No judging, after all, it’s Valentine’s day.

2. Will you be my valentine?

A lot of people dream about being asked to be someone’s valentine. Without violating any HR policies, spread a friendly kind of love to your coworkers. To create such an atmosphere, ask them to be your valentines.

Make V-day cards and give them out to your coworkers. You don’t have to be a poet or an artist to make a card. They don’t have to include tacky rhymes and red hearts. A simple “I appreciate you” or “Happy Valentine’s day” is more than enough. There is no better way to make someone’s day than by giving them a handmade card with a handwritten note. Personalise each card, and carefully choose your words, as custom gifts make people feel special. It’s an amazing bonding experience. Who doesn’t like feeling appreciated?! Besides that, you’ll feel content and fulfilled that you’ve made someone happy.

3. A way to someone’s heart is through the stomach

There’s no celebration without good food. And no better team-building experience than preparing the food together. Frustration, time pressure, fun, and laughs are all part of the experience. Even if it’s just a one-hour lunch break, organise your coworkers in teams in charge of different courses.

Search for some Valentine’s day recipes. Recipes don’t have to be complicated or fancy. Even something simple like heart-shaped cookies is a great idea. You can even organise a mini competition between the teams and include the prise. For example, the team with the best tasting dish gets an additional hour for lunch break. Once the cook-off is finished, everyone can settle down and enjoy in freshly prepared meals and desserts.

4. Love is in the air

Not everyone can get into the Valentine spirit easily. Some people may be having a hard day or week, while others simply don’t like Valentine’s day and don’t want to celebrate it. It’s important to respect other people’s boundaries, even if you don’t understand them.

But don’t let that get you down. There are always people ready to celebrate and party. Ask those likeminded people to help you decorate the office to get Valentine’s spirit going. Decorations don’t have to be posh and expensive. Take a sheet of paper coloured red, pink or any colour you want, and cut it into a heart shape. You can even write something motivational or nice on it. Tape it to a wall or a window, repeat the process and ta-da! You have your Valentine’s day decorations.

5. From heart to heart

Everyone loves receiving presents. Valentine’s day is usually about giving them and expecting nothing in return. Many people like to surprise dear ones with small gifts. These gifts don’t have to be fancy or expensive to make someone happy. Even clichès like teddy bears and chocolate are a great choice.

So why don’t you surprise your dearest coworkers with something special? It’s commonly known that a lot of women love little signs of affection. To surprise them, order flowers online and have them delivered to their desks. Not only will it make their day, but it will also make them feel loved and special. Even though your male coworkers probably wouldn’t enjoy flowers as much as female ones, you can always surprise them with chocolate or other sweets they like.

6. Straight to the Heart- Bingo!

It doesn’t matter if we’re kids, teenagers or adults, playing games is always a fun activity to do. To shake up a working atmosphere, suggest playing Valentine’s day bingo or tombola. Keep in mind that not everyone is always in the mood for a game, and respect that.

Print out bingo game sheets and hand them out to your coworkers who want to play. You can have one ultimate prise or a lot of smaller ones. Get creative! It can be a mason jar filled with candy, a bar of chocolate, a gift card, or even a lunch at a local restaurant. Everyone can be a winner. Spike up a competitive atmosphere and most importantly- have fun! It’s an amazing pass-time activity most people love.


Spending Valentine’s day at the office doesn’t have to be as boring as it seems. Even though it may sound impossible, you can actually have a good time at the office. Just follow these tips, and you’ll have fun for sure. However, it’s important to have goodwill and patience to organise the day, but once everything is settled, you can relax with your coworkers, party, and eat freshly baked desserts.

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