Worded Magic; The Portal to Selling Your House Quickly

Words are magic. And as far as selling houses go, choosing the right words for your sale ad can be the difference between a quick high-value deal, and several days, weeks, and if not months of continuous ads, that’s may force you to let go of the property at a bad price.

Ads are the first thing potential buyers see, and making a powerful first impression is very important. Mary Beth Hurtado, a real estate agent for Bryn Mawr company, ReMax, is a veteran with over 2 decades of experience, and a true artist when it comes to worded expression.

Her favored words included; Classic. Elegant. Stunning. Backyard Paradise. On the other end of the spectrum, bad words included; Basement. Tiny. Motivated Seller. ‘’Using Basement in an ad makes it sound like a dirty old basement,’’ she hinted. 

‘’It takes me time to create ads as each one has to be targeted to the qualities of each specific property,’’ she added.

Sales; A Mind Game

Whether as a result of social or a learned convention, customers attach words used on sale ads to the direct value of the property, consciously and subconsciously. That’s not to say that other factors should be ignored when you want to put your property up for sale. For example, your actual home exterior and surrounding environment are as equally important, as your buyers will want to see a property that delivers as promised in the ad.

But worded expression combined in synergy with a physical appeal is what will lift your home value and allow you to close a deal quickly. You are stepping into the minds of your customers and seeing things from their perspective; empathy.

Research from a data analysis study carried out on over 700,000 real estate deals has shown that particular words and phrases, and punctuation symbols used in ads can cause the value of a property to appreciate, and reduce its market time.

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The Magic Behind Adorable

Words like adorable among a list of others like awesome, gorgeous, historic, and luxurious were found to boost property value, with larger homes more often labeled as beautiful.

When creating that next ad for your home sale, you may seriously want to consider using adorable to your advantage.

The results from the analysis cited above showed that the word adorable could increase the value of a difficult-buy property by over $40,000. They also found that customers also associated the word adorable with large. 

What is interesting to note is that using the word large directly, often made the potential customers think the home sellers were just trying to exaggerate the property size, even when it was actually well-sized, and leading to a reduction in value.

Tips to Appropriate Word use

Data also showed that while words like ‘historic’ and ‘luxurious’ were indeed seen as appropriate to lure in potential customers, they delayed sale time, with historic adding up to 18 days extra and historic adding up to 8 days on average before a deal was closed.

Also, the words chosen should fit right into the property being described. When the real estate agent bring your potential buyers around, they are forming a mental image in their minds, and should definitely not be disappointed.

Steve Swidler, the Hanson/KPMG professor of business and finance at Lafayette College in Easton, Pa., and one of the researchers in the research cited above stated: ‘‘Meaning should be conveyed by the words used. Adorable or cute are not appropriate terms for large homes. It makes no sense.’’

Words to Steer Clear of

Words like distressed, motivated, discount, or reduced can seriously reduce the value of a property by up to $20,000 on the low end and $60,000 on the high end.

As stated above, words like large or huge should be avoided as your potential buyers subconsciously feel the real estate agent is exaggerating the property dimensions to hide an ‘actual’ inadequacy of space.

Punctuation; Magic Extended

It does not end with just words; punctuation, when used properly, can yield outstanding results. Punctuation like the exclamation mark is found virtually everywhere from our mobile devices to adverts and has been encoded into the minds of your buyers to be associated with excitement.

It is advised to stick with one punctuation mark, but if you do feel carefree, two, three, or more won’t have any effect on the buyer’s enthusiasm to close a deal.

Bringing it All Together

In the end, ads stand as the first thing your potential buyers see about your property and will be what draw them in or turn them off. Making a quick sale all boils down to effectively combining worded expression with visual appeal. The exclamation mark can also be great to really drive your point home.

Like many other things, it is an art that can be mastered only with practice and research.

Of all the words listed, adorable stands as a real deal-maker for small to medium-sized homes.

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