10 Tips For Nurses To Communicate Properly With Aged Patients 

A nice communication often results in cure the patient on time. Generally, maximum issues in hospitals and nursing homes occurred with senior or aged patients. Senior or aged patients generally have problems like dementia, loss of hearing, Alzheimer’s disease, loss of vision, etc. The psychological issue is also considered another big problem for old patients. So, nurses need to behave more politely while giving medicines or injections without using any harsh word. Here some tips for the nurses are given below to behave with the older patients:

Increase Patience 

To be a good nurse only medical knowledge is not enough. Patience is the primary quality a nurse needs to have. Often an old aged patient cannot get the nurse’s instruction due to the psychological imbalance or medicinal effect. It is the duty of a nurse to elaborate the instruction and help her patient to co-operate with her patiently.

Proper attitude 

A good nurse never can show her anger or grief upon the patient. Before communicating with the patient especially with the elderly patient a nurse need to be careful about her body language. A patient should not be afraid of the nurse so that he hides his pain or problem. Eye communication with the patient is important for a nurse that helps to build a good relationship with the patient. This gesture also helps to understand the command of the nurse for the patients.

Simple communicative language

To handle an old-aged patient simple easy to understand language is most preferable for the nurses. An old-aged patient often can be a sufferer of Alzheimer’s disease or loss of hearing. So, to make him understand and help him to remember the forgotten information nurses need to use simple language. Using easy language helps a patient to remember the command of the patient and to follow it accordingly.

Make patient comfortable

The duty of the nurse does not end with giving medicines and injections on time. A senior and ill patient often expects some sympathy from the nurse. So, it is the duty of the nurse to make the patient comfortable. A patient often can feel uneasy or some side effects can be shown due to the medicine. A nurse can make the patient comfortable by providing the need of the patient.

Make good relation

Before treating the patient a good relationship is always necessary between the patient and the nurse. From the day of admitting to the day of discharge, a nurse is a person with whom a patient spends most of the time. So, making good relation with the nurse helps both the nurse and the patient. It is the duty of a nurse to create a good relationship on the day of admitting that helps to treat the patient and understand the problem properly.

Respect the patient

Though it is a fact that according to a nurse a patient is just a patient irrespective of his age, this does not apply while the question of direct interaction comes. When a senior patient is in his sense he expects some respect from everyone including the nurse. So, a nurse needs to show proper respect to an elderly patient so that he co-operate with the nurse in his treatment process.

Concentrate on patient

While treating the old patient a nurse should be attentive enough to the patient. She needs to hear her patient’s word carefully. Moreover, it is the duty of a nurse to know about the food habits and the daily routine properly so that she can balance the food chart and the medicine accordingly. So, a nurse should listen to the patient’s self-description that helps in treatment.

Identify sensory disabilities

Loss of hearing and loss of vision are very commonly found problems of elderly patients. It is the duty of a nurse to identify the sensory disabilities of the patient in case the patient cannot describe his problem. A recent survey has resulted that 33% of aged people with the age group of sixty-five to seventy suffer from hearing disabilities and a large number of people with the age group of around seventy-five suffers from loss of visions.

Sympathize with the patient 

The biggest qualification of a nurse is considered to be the quality of sympathy. Senior and old-aged patients often behave like a kid due to psychological imbalance. It is necessary to show them sympathy along with good behavior because this helps to heal the patient. If a patient finds that the nurse is enough sympathetic to the patient then it will be easier to share the problems with her.

Listen directly

It is a common practice of a nurse to do multiple works like checking the patients, making medicine charts and reports of the patients, etc. So, the older patients often feel different from the nurse if she does not talk to him directly with eye contact. So, it is necessary for older patients to listen to their words directly so that they do not feel insecure and insulted.

The behavioral issue often reflects the treatment of senior patients. So, it is the duty of a nurse to keep good behavior with the aged patient with more than sixty-five age and help them to be a fit and good result in treatment.

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