Popular Asian Market For Online Gambling

Online gambling is growing in popularity across Asia, especially in sports such as football. Casinos are a popular choice, too, and there is a great amount of choice when it comes to online casinos.

Here is our guide to some of the most popular Asian markets for online gambling:

Online gambling in China

State-run lotteries are a commonplace form of gambling in China right now. But the situation could be set to change.

Some people in China are already embarking on online gambling despite its dubious legal status. And with the country becoming increasingly Westernised, perhaps a change in the law could happen soon.

That would open up a brand new market to the online gambling industry. China’s huge population means this Asian market has to be watched closely in the months and years to come.

Online gambling in Macau and Hong Kong

Macau is one of the world’s top locations for gambling. As such, it is a very popular location for tourists from across Asia. Some of the planet’s finest casinos can be found in Macau. Indeed, the local economy is structured heavily around betting. However, online gambling is not established at all in Macau.

This is strange considering the grip gambling has on this part of the world. Instead, people in Macau do their gambling in real-life casinos. These are often extremely glamorous locations that are beautifully designed and a joy to visit. Macau is effectively Asia’s answer to Las Vegas, and some believe it is an even better location for a holiday.

The situation regarding gambling is different again in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Jockey Club controls much of the betting activity in the country. Of course, the political situation in Hong Kong is in the spotlight right now. China may well be about to step in to exert control over Hong Kong. This would affect all kinds of daily life in Hong Kong. The online gambling industry could be among those set for big changes in the years to come.

Poker is mainly an underground activity in Hong Kong right now with online poker not typically played. Due to the tight controls on gambling in Hong Kong, many people who live there will go to Macau to visit its casinos instead. The journey is short, and for many Hong Kong residents, it is a good way to spend a holiday.

Gambling in Japan

Gambling is also heavily controlled in Japan. Even though the country is seen to be much more developed than China, its gambling industry is not much different.

Online gambling is not allowed in Japan right now, and the tight controls on the sector mean many people avoid it altogether. Lotteries are allowed in Japan, though, and they are not really seen as a form of gambling in the country.
However, changes to the law could be set to change the situation in Japan completely. Online casino games have been partly legalized, and this could lead to Japan becoming one of the most popular Asian markets for an online gambling site soon.

Online Gambling in Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the most interesting Asian markets for gambling. A heavily Muslim population means a lot of the country has very little interest in betting on sports of visiting casinos. The few casinos in the country are, therefore, typically visited by tourists rather than the locals.

But when it comes to online gambling, the country is more open than nearby nations such as Japan and China. There are websites such as Rescuebet based out of Malaysia that allow people to bet on sports such as football. Gambling on the English Premier League is prevalent, and there are a lot of different markets for people who are interested in betting on.

Gambling in Singapore

Despite being a very advanced economy, Singapore has not opened the doors to the gambling industry. Indeed, gambling is effectively forbidden in the country. Many online gambling sites have been banned in the country, though people living there who want to bet online will likely still be able to find a way to do so. It is unlikely the online gambling industry is going to change in Singapore any time in the near future.

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