Is electronic cigarette risk free?

Electronic cigarettes are in trend these days. People consider that no fire smoke is risk free and do not harm much. Some of the people believe that non-narcotic e-cigarettes are fine to use, as there is no drug involve in it. All the beliefs and ideas are a myth. There is no reality in all these approaches that smoke free cigarettes are risk free. They are equally dangerous just as the conventional cigarettes are all you need to explore is how.

Chemicals in flavoring

The electronic cigarette does not have tobacco in them by default. These are just the device that use flavoring. On heating, that flavoring gives you the smoke of a flavor. It is simple but the flavoring is not a natural essence. All the flavorings whether these are non-narcotic or narcotic contains chemicals. On inhaling these chemicals, you will definitely cause some of the adverse damages to your organs especially lungs.

Heated to danger

Another alarming factor about the flavoring is its vapors. The most common and safe flavoring is the popcorn butter. It feels smooth and amazing or inhales something like butter. However, on heating the flavor is evolves some vapors that are damaging to lungs. When a person inhales the smoke, it causes the lungs to be in a condition that is named as popcorn lungs. Similar to that, even all the organic flavorings can turn out to be dangerous when heated in the electric cigarette.

Impossible to quit e smoking

Quitting e cigarette is impossible for a person. It is a habit one can have with an idea of harmless fun. Most of the people are unable to understand the real threats of e smoking. This misconception actually leads a person to the addiction of the cigarette that the person keeps smoking it. Any of the drug help center may not be able to help the person with the treatment on advance stage. The studies prove that are person who starts with it and get use to take the smoke will not be able to quit easily.

Beginning of advance level smoking

Among the youth, e-cigarettes are the begging of advance smoking and addiction. The person will start from the flavor smoking that will later turn in to narcotic smoke. Eventually it can lead to some other drugs as well. Therearecompanies manufacturing multiple combination and advance level cigarettes for the people. It all starts from the basic thing and lead to the other level in the end.

Bottom line

Thinking of electronic cigarette as an environment friendly, harmless or risk free smoking gadget is not right. It is equally dangerous as a conventional cigarette and do have some of the drastic health problems. It is necessary to avoid the cigarettes in any manner and look for the better alternatives. There are inhalersavailable that do not require a flavor to be heated so it is not much dangerous at all. This can save you from some real trouble in future.

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