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There are a few people out there who consume their energies to bring positivity in society. Such people are a gem, and we believe they are the one who makes this world a good place to live in.

Do you know any helping fellow? Well, luckily, we know one, and that is Samuel Arakel.

He is an Armenian engineer and a businessman at the same time. He established the Arakel Group before even acquiring a professional degree. He owns a business that comprises one of the largest of Europe’s LED screen group.

In his childhood and early teens, he worked well in music too. He even got a chance to improve his music skills from great instructors including Wanda Wilkomirska and Jehudi Menuhin.

Moving towards practical life, he started working on modern technology. In 2009, he founded the first Organization in Poland in association with small entrepreneurs and advertising media companies.

Later, he even gave base to Arakel Group. Unlike other fellows, after accomplishing these two milestones, he continued his IT studies.

So here, he again proved himself a precious stone. In the year 2012, he became graduated from the Copernicus IT School located in Wroclaw. He got his degree with many distinctions and merits.

What remarkable he did in the technology world? He is known mainly for his efforts towards the design of modern systems. He presented efficient and effective solutions for advertising media. It is because of his tireless efforts, the world could see the revolution in outdoor screens.

He formed a distinct technology that assists in cooling integrated circuits and PCB. He also developed screen management programs remotely. He suggested a change in the angle of the inclination of cooling windmills. All his hard work brought efficient and economical solutions to screen technology.

Well, it was all about his professional life. Here, we would specifically like to highlight Samuel’s those efforts that brought positivity to society.

So, at the young age of 22, he created a program. It was meant to help law enforcement agencies in catering to devastating issues of the country. He proposed an agenda to catch pedophiles.

So, was it really helpful in catching any culprit? Of course yes. The Polish police became able to catch 150 pedophiles in Europe through it. Can you imagine how many kids would have been protected because of his contributions?

It was a big success for the Interpol. We all know how intense the child sexual abuse problem has become. On the internet, we can see numerous images and news related to pedophilia.

The rate of this deadly crime is increasing in an unprecedented manner. It seems like law enforcement agencies couldn’t keep pace with the crime.

So, in this alarming situation, Samuel’s step was a big help to manage this ever-increasing disturbing crime. We believe, a few more similar programs can help in declining a crime rate to a significant number.

Well, that’s not all. He always remained interested in helping others in any possible way. We can observe his connection with different charity foundations.

He also plays a significant role in helping churches. Not everyone around us seems concerned about the chores that bring improvement in the country. In this chaotic world, everyone only craves for money and fame.

There are a small number of people who care for the betterment of their societies. They work and involve in activities that don’t bring good to them. Rather, it is helpful for the people around them.

So, we believe Samuel is one of them. He is working on the improvement of his company and charity work together.

His company, Arakel Group is delivering wide products to its consumers in the media advertisement industry. Just like its founder, the company also has a unique aim.

Their competitors say their products won’t be beaten on price. But Samuel’s Group says WE WILL NOT BE BEATEN ON QUALITY. The organization aspires to deliver the highest standards and quality while gaining an excellent reputation.

Because of the flawless services of Arakel, it has become very easy to advertise using LED screens. Their professionals guide customers all through the way in the process of planning, designing, and installation of LED screens.

For all those users who find it hard to choose the accurate LED screen, Samuel’s company offers help. They assist in selecting the right display that meets all requirements along with serving for a long time period.

Because of the hard work and honest efforts of organizers, Arakel Group’s products are renowned all around Europe. Anyone can trust its items because of its high reputation. These are the reasons, the clients of this company include big names.

Few of them are VOLVO, MERCEDES, SKODA, and RENAULT. We believe it’s a big success for Samuel Arakel and the team. Their products are usable for TV studios, sports clubs, and outdoor advertisements.

What’s their most distinguishing product? It is the World’s thinnest LED screen. It was called ‘The 21st-century miracle on trade fair arranged in Las Vegas.

Samuel not only focuses on the advancement of society but its customers as well. Thus, he makes his company put a major focus on the clients. They aim to make long term mutually beneficial collaboration with its consumers.

They also possess credit for providing the longest warranty on the market on its LED screens. All these things have made them the best selling manufacturer in Europe. They manufacture and install a yearly average of 45000-meter square LED screens.

Well, these are the list of Samuel’s achievement in almost at the start of his profession. There is still a long way to go. Whosoever works devotedly and honestly, deserves a great reward. We think Samuel’s hard work is paying him off now.

Ralph Waldo Emerson, an American philosopher has said “the purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.” It seems like his life is a true reflection of this quote.

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