The Oscars Is Going Hostless. They May Be Tempting Fate

Remember all those great moments from Oscar hosts? Like…um…well there haven’t really been many. I can be honest about that. The host of the Academy Awards, or hosts on the occasions when more than one person shoulders the load, usually do a pretty good job at best. We remember some weird moments, some bad moments, the occasional joke. It’s a thankless job. If you do well, people shrug. If you do poorly, people excoriate you. I get why people wouldn’t want to be the host of the Oscars. I don’t get why the Oscars doesn’t want to have a host.

This year’s Oscars will be the second one in a row without a host. Last year, Kevin Hart was supposed to host, but because tweets live on forever lost the gig. Unable to find somebody, they went sans host, and the show managed to survive. They gave the Oscars the confidence to just eschew having a host this year. I feel like this could end up being the last time. Even if they get by again, it should be.

An awards show should have a host. They have a role they serve. If you want to see how bad a show can go without a host, look at the last Emmy’s. They followed the Oscar’s lead and it didn’t work out. I fear the Oscars will also go that route this year. The host should not be the focal point of the night, but they steer traffic. They are a hub. You start with a comedy bit to start the night, you begin the proceedings, you flit in and out. When you need to veer from one direction to another the host can step back in. Again, this doesn’t lead to much love. When a host does their job well, people don’t really notice them.

Who would want the gig? I mean, other than Billy Crystal? Or maybe Alec Baldwin? Maybe nobody. Hopefully they can get this figured out. If the Oscars is a mess this year, they will open up the checkbook to try and convince somebody to do it. The Emmys showed us how badly things can go when an awards show doesn’t have a host. Hopefully the Oscars isn’t history repeating itself there, but I am not hopeful.

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