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Anime is one of the few shelters of high fantasy about other worlds that Western cinema and TV rarely spoil us. There is enough fantasy here too – urban, mystical and even superhero. But most importantly, unlike Western animators, anime creators do not consider fantasy to be children’s fairy tales and do not hesitate to show intricate stories, fierce battles, adventures like the Koisuru Asteroid and even erotica. Not all, but many of these series are for adults. However, some of the best anime series are listed below for your reference and to help you out which to watch first.

  1. Death Note

A high school student, Light found a notebook of the god of death: whose name you write there, he will soon die. A suitable title for a horror movie, but Death Note is a detective thriller. Light using a notebook tries to cleanse the world from criminals, investigators sit on his tail, led by the crazy genius L. – and the battle of minds begins, in which the magic rules of the notebook and the mystery of the person play a huge role.

Death Note is based on the manga of Tsugumi Oba, based on which many anime and feature films have been shot, and the American Netflix version is also available. But we recommend the first animated series Tetsuro Araki, which became perhaps the most famous mystical anime.

  1. Full Metal Alchemist

One of the main anime in the style of fantasy steampunk. Although there are almost no steam gadgets in Steel Alchemist, the style is excellent. The action takes place in a fantasy world reminiscent of Europe at the beginning of the 20th century. Brothers Alphonse and Edward Elrica violated the main taboo of alchemy – they tried to resurrect the dead. As a result, one lost his arm and leg, and the second lost his whole body and was forced to move in enchanted armor. Together they travel around the country, trying to find a recipe for a philosopher’s stone that will help them fix everything.

“Fullmetal Alchemist” is a story about friendship, love, and loss. Alchemy is based on the principle of equivalent exchange, but the heroes have to understand and accept that life often breaks the rules, and the price for some goods is too high.

  1. Hellsing

Perhaps the most famous anime about vampires. Lady Integra, a stern blonde and distant descendant of Professor Van Helsing, leads a secret intelligence service to fight bloodsuckers in Britain. The fight is not carried out by pitchfork and garlic, but in a modern way – by bullets and bombs.

There are enough bright characters both in the organization and among its opponents. But the hallmark of the series is, of course, Alucard, a sarcastic ancient vampire who fights on the side of people, openly despising them. When his red hat appears in the frame, wait for stylish plans, a game with light, a philosophical monologue, and then a bloody massacre using pistols and black magic.

  1. Attack of the Titans

Human civilization is in decline. People live in cities behind high walls, hiding from bloodthirsty giants. Monsters now and then destroy barricades, and only soldiers with sharp swords and cunning mechanisms that allow them to shoot up into the air can stop them.

Authors do not spare heroes, as well as the psyche of the audience: blood on the screen gushes fountains. And even though there are still a lot of questions to the logic, and the ending of the story is not even in the manga yet, it’s worth watching the series at least for the sake of gorgeous battle scenes and irrepressible pathos. Moreover, the graphics and music are at their best, which cannot be said about many of his other contemporary brothers in the genre.

  1. One Piece

One Piece is not just anime. This is a phenomenon that has not left television screens for almost 20 years. Because, probably, few people can boast that they watched it in full – is it a joke, more than 800 episodes (not counting the feature films). However, the charm of this syonen about the adventures of a teenager Luffy and his pirate friends who roam the world in search of treasure and just like that is not at all in a harmonious plot. Cute characters with diverse abilities, colorful world, lots of funny situations, exciting battles and inventive opponents – what else is needed for happiness?

  1. Claymore

In the world of “Claymore”, the witcher Geralt could not stand the competition – here a whole order of damned Amazons hunts monsters. In battle, they use a particle of the same dark power that feeds their demon opponents, and there is always a risk that darkness will prevail. And the fallen claymore becomes a demon and a target for yesterday’s sisters – a great way to always keep the profession relevant. Bloody, like “Berserker”, and ambiguous, like “Madoka”, “Claymore” consists of battles with monsters, dismemberment, tragic deaths and pathos of overcoming.

  1. Wolf Rain

A sophisticated blend of post-apocalypse and fantasy. The earth is slowly dying due to the approaching ice age, the population is hiding in shelters and the remaining ruins. All modern technology has been captured by power-hungry aristocrats who hope to stop the disaster. According to legend, only wolves can save the world. It is believed that they have died out long ago, but in fact, wolves are hiding among people.

“Wolf rain” is a beautiful and very sad story about the eternal search with ecological overtones. In addition, the creators met in one season and four additional episodes with a second ending.

  1. Spice and Wolf

Cozy, unhurried, almost devoid of the battles and adventures of the road movie about the medieval wandering merchant and his companion. The series rests entirely on the charm of Holo, the red werewolf and the retired crop goddess. She is capricious, funny, gluttonous and completely devoid of human notions of shame, but she is constantly smarter than her partner. The goddess helps her companion unravel the complex intrigues of the merchant guilds and cleverly avoids the Inquisition bonfire, which she relies on for her tail and ears. And this damn thing is very pretty. Holo is a delight for men’s eyes and a model of image for many girls.

  1. Sailor Moon

A whole generation of anime fans has grown up on Moon in a Sailor. Moreover, the series made a splash not only in the West but also in native Japan. Naoko Takeuchi was the first to venture to combine a typically “boy” story about superheroes protecting the world from the forces of evil with the images of pretty wizard girls, creating the genre of Maho-shojo.

And based on her manga, they shot both a lively and romantic anime. The guys stared at his heroines, and the girls found among them a role model to their taste. After all, “Sailor Moon” showed that anyone can be a faithful friend and a brave warrior: a windy fool, a quiet nerd, and a formidable but kind soul in karate.

  1. Naruto

The most popular anime trend is syonen, stories for and about boys who grow up through trials. Well, the most famous hero of the syonen is Naruto, a cheeky golden-haired ninja who, on the way to the goal (to become the most-coolest.), Fights endlessly and performs dangerous tasks. Well, at the same time, it gradually turns from a youth into a man. All this is against the background of the feudal world with elements of magic. A certain monotony of adventures in the style of “come, saw and beat” is pulled by a well-developed setting, an abundance of humor and a gallery of live characters led by Naruto himself.


Unusual graphics, absurd humor, an abundance of abstruse conversations, a special contemplative atmosphere, bloody naturalism, humor, and heart-breaking drama – the “Stories” based on the novels are what makes these Anime the best!

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