Things to know about Orphanages

Every kid has the right to have a family. It is the power of every child to be with family and to be reunited if separated under the Convention on Rights of Child. There are a number of things to know about orphanages.

No child should have to live in orphanages permanently

The orphanages and such residential care institutes should only be the last places of the resort under UN Guidelines and international law. It has been proven with the help of many years of research that it can be harmful to the development of the child to grow up in an orphanage.

Most of the “orphans” aren’t orphans

Around 80% of children living in orphanages and such institutions have either one or both parents alive or a relative who could take care of them. According to research, children who have lost both parents have related who could take care of them but don’t have enough facilities to do so.

Orphanages and such facilities are not a suitable response to poverty

People usually send their child to orphanages without considering the underlying effects of the place on a child’s health. These orphanages take care of the children in the best way possible, but separation from a parent isn’t good for their mental health.

Increasing number of orphanages

The numbers of orphanages are continuously increasing in numerous states, although the figures of orphans globally are decreasing. It is due to the foreign aid that the numbers are continually growing, and people are setting these orphanages.

People are using orphanages as a business

Many people have made the orphanages a business because of the donations people send to these facilities. There are a lot of people that have set up these orphanages just for the sake of money. Volunteering at these orphanages is not a good step, too, because some children get attached too quickly. So, when you leave after your volunteer work is finished, it can affect a child’s health.

Increase in child trafficking

Child trafficking has become standard due to the donations people offer. Yes, there is evidence that the kids are being trafficked into orphanages from families to attract funds from well-intentioned donors and tourists. This kind of childhood abuse has been acknowledged in recent reports about child trafficking.

Uniting children with families is better

It is better to unite children with families. This will help decrease the number of orphanages and improve the health of the children as well. This has worked very well in different countries, and the number of orphanages has increased significantly.

Alternatives to orphanages

There are other options for orphanages as well. Kinship-based care should be established as an alternative to orphanages. This kinship-based care is better in cases where it’s not in the best interest of the child to be with the family or where he has no family.

It is not possible to end the orphanages without fighting the root causes of separation between child and family. The family separation is usually linked to more significant problems like inequality, poverty, neglect, and lack of access to education. It needs involvements that strengthen and empower families, children, and communities to support Sustainable Development Goals. It is always better to get in touch with the orphan ministries before you donate to any orphanage to make sure that your money is being used in the right place.

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