Meet Christoph Filgertshofer, Germany’s 19-Year-Old Marketing Wunderkind

Christoph Filgertshofer is a 19-year-old German entrepreneur who helps thousands of people while building his own eCommerce brands. He has one of the biggest followings on social media in the marketing and eCommerce space in Germany. Simoutaniosly he runs multiple successful German eCommerce brands. Christoph also created the first German “Shopify Education Partner Course” in cooperation with Shopify to help aspiring eCommerce entrepreneurs start their journey.

But how is that all possible with just 19 years? It’s all about starting early…

Starting out early

Christoph grew up in a middle-class family and had a happy childhood, but there was one thing he has never liked. Depending on other people and asking them for money.

Instead, Christoph wanted to make money himself to buy new toys and other fun items like an iPod. He started out with buying and selling trading cards like MatchAttax or Pokemon. But expanded soonly into employing neighborhood kids to sell and distribute newspapers he bought.

One day Christoph found out that one of his friends had uploaded YouTube videos about a game both of them played. He was shocked by the number of views (over 5.000) his friend’s videos got and decided to try it out himself. It started with a simple video about a mobile game but didn’t end there.

Over the next years, he uploaded more and more videos to his YouTube channel. In the beginning, nobody was really interested in his videos, but that changed in 2015. One of his videos went viral and he suddenly gained thousands of subscribers.

From this moment on Christoph was fully committed into YouTube and switched to a daily upload schedule. With this consistency, he could eventually rack up over 240.000 subscribers on his gaming YouTube channel. With millions of views each month, the 16-year-old mad upwards of 10.000€ per month while being in school fulltime.

Going into new projects

But that’s not the end of the story. He didn’t really enjoy playing games anymore and he decided to stop this venture.  So when finishing high school, Christoph looked for new projects to get into.

In the time being a gaming influencer he had worked with a lot of brands and knew exactly how to market products on social media. He started looking into eCommerce and learning everything about it he could find.

Eventually, he started his first own eCommerce store with not much success. But he already knew how hard it can be and how long it can take to get successful, so he didn’t stop there.

Christoph tried over and over again till he finally got his first profitable sales with eCommerce. And again, the story continues. With more and more experience he was able to grow his stores to over 50.000€ in revenue per month. Many of his friends asked him he did it, so he decided to start a YouTube channel to help other people who are getting into eCommerce. Christoph also started an agency to work with business and consult them with their social media marketing.

Now he’s mainly focused on building his own eCommerce brands and helping others succeed with social media and online marketing.

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