Metal Roofing vs. Spanish Clay Tile: Which Roof Material is Best?

The roof is the defense of your house which shields you against all the adverse conditions of weather and other things. Hence, roof construction, installation, and maintenance are the tasks of great importance. You should be careful in choosing the best and most suitable roofing material for yourself in order to make a strong and reliable defense of your house.

The Two Widely Chosen Roofing Materials

Metal roofing and Spanish clay tile are two very popular roofing materials which people use widely because of their characteristics. Sometimes, the question of ‘Metal Roofing vs. Spanish Clay Tile’ comes forward because of the confusion which customers face in choosing them.

Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing made its way into America in the 18th century even though it has been used widely since the start of the 3rd century in Sri Lanka. Typically, metal roofing only included lead and copper but with the advancement in material and style, the use of iron, steel, zinc, and aluminum also came into sight.

Spanish Clay Tile           

Spanish clay has a great history to be used as a roofing material. It got its way into the roofing trends of America in the 17th Century where it still used widely.

Both of these roofing materials have their own pros and cons and people choose between them according to their suitability. We will share some of the common pros and cons of both of the roofing material so that you can make a wise choice.

Metal Roofing vs. Spanish Clay Tile

Both of these roofing materials are chosen and utilized widely but sometimes people get confused mainly between these two. However, a good grasp of the advantages and disadvantages can help you make a better decision.

Spanish Clay Tile & Metal Roofing Properties

These are few of the properties which are present in both Spanish Clay Tile & Metal Roofing:

Long Lastingness

Both of these roofing materials are tried and tested to be really long-lasting. They can last for decades and decades in their optimized manner. Their strength and durability make them highly reliable.

Heat Resistance

Both of these materials keep the house clean and do not let heat pass through them. They are the best choice for the houses present in hot regions. It keeps the places cool.

Low Maintenance

Both of these roofing materials are low maintenance. You would not need to color or mend them every now and then because they have universal style, durable colors, and strength.

Fire Resistance

Both of these materials have resistance against fire which is one of the most favorable qualities of these materials. In case of the unfortunate events like fire, etc., these roofing materials do not catch fire and they will keep you protected. This also works best if there is some outside wildfire.

Factors on which you should make a choice in the situation like “Metal Roofing vs. Spanish Clay Tile

These factors should direct your decision before you make the final decision and start looking for some good Spanish clay tile company or the metal roofing contractor.

Your Budget

The foremost and foundational factor of making the right choice between these two roofing materials i.e. metal or Spanish clay is your affordability.

Even though there is less difference in the qualities of both but metal roofs are a little inexpensive than Spanish clay tile. So, if you can afford, you can opt for Spanish clay tile, otherwise, metal roofing can also give you similar benefits.

Location Of Your Place

One of the important factors which should constitute your roofing choice should be making the choice according to the location of your place.

There are places where Spanish clay tiles can look trendier and more functional while some places support the use of metal roofing. Make your decision accordingly!

Your Personal Taste

Last but not least, the most important merit on which you judge anything, in the end, is your personal taste. So, you can see if the certain roofing material satisfied your functional and aesthetic sense or not.

Your personal taste greatly determines the tendency of your right and satisfactory decision. Hence, let your instincts work and make your decision!

Author: When you talk about the remodeling ideas, no one can help you better than Sarah Michelle. With ample experience in the field and dedication to work has been a pro in increasing the aesthetic value of places. To stay updated with the ins and outs of remodeling, her articles are a must read.

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Head Honcho, Editor in Chief and writer here on VENTS. I don't like walking on the beach, but I love playing the guitar and geeking out about music. I am also a movie maniac and 6 hours sleeper.

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