Mako’s “Chameleon” Is Reimagined With Elephante

Lifted from electronic artist Mako’s forthcoming album is the dazzling “Chameleon,” a track that fully highlights the deft musicality and attention to detail from the producer.

Coming as the first alternative version of the original is this with Elephante, and it steers “Chameleon” into new territory. There is a thrilling dance-floor energy to this production, using uplifting strings and powerhouse drops to take it further.

Mako shares: “The song title ‘Chameleon’ opened up the option to create different versions of the song. I liked the idea of the song changing skins in the same way that a Chameleon does.  I shared the stems with several friends and asked them what they would do with it…and I ended up with several different versions. Fortunately everyone was happy for me to share their versions, so you will be hearing different takes on the song over coming weeks.”

Listen here.

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