Top 5 App Development Trends In 2020

Almost all businesses in the world today has penetrated the mobile app industry. That is why mobile applications have reshaped the global business landscape. Why? People are hooked to using their cellular phones to look for almost everything in the Internet. And consequently, the use of mobile apps has become popular, too. As this happens, the different business entities have also taken the opportunity to use mobile applications to multiply and maximize the reach of their target audience.

According to Statista, the different apps are expected to produce this year a revenue amounting to $189 Billion. Hence, most marketing experts believe that penetrating the audience through the use of apps is more feasible than the use of traditional promotional methods. But you have to understand that not everyone is lucky with the use of mobile apps.

However, if you are into the most recent trends in mobile apps, the tendency to hit success is higher. Partnering with a tested app development team is advised. One of the available companies these days is Ramotion. This company can help you achieve your business goal by way of producing a professionally created application.

5 Trends in App Development

This year, the mobile app industry has a tight competition. So you have to think twice if you want to engage your business in this industry. You should play your cards according to the trends. It means to say that if you engage your business through relating it to the app trends this year, there is a higher feasibility that you can reap more sales and profits.

Beacon Technology Is Popular

What is “beacon technology?” It refers to the mobile app trend that is popular in some big industries such as hotels, museums, and healthcare. This technological advancement is popular because it is widely used as a location technology. Its popularity has also risen due to the fact that it is easy to use.

There are wireless transmitters that are evidently used with beacons. The use of another popular technology, which is Bluetooth, is being utilized by this technology to transmit signals. Furthermore, it helps in the exchange of sales.

Specific industries that use it:

  •       Mobile payments

  •       Automated machine learning

  •       Artificial intelligence chips

  •       Treasure hunting

Enterprise Mobile Management and Application Performance Management

Enterprise Mobile Management is also known as EMM, while Application Performance Management is called as APM. These two aspects belong to the conventional enterprise mobile app development process.

EMM is a popular platform that organizations use for security measures that are important for mobile devices. The employees of a specific business organization can use this platform to streamline the business processes. It is done through mobile computing.

This platform has these capacities:

  •       Provides app security

  •       Maintains the mobile app

  •       Manages finances

On the other hand, APM is a metrics that can be used in mobile devices. Google integration is possible with it and it started in 2016. This metrics is aimed to enhance the performance and its corresponding quality is assured.

5G Wireless Services

We’re already done with 4G proliferation. Today, 5G technology has finally arrived. As a consequence, it has become as one of the top trends in mobile applications. This technology has been announced several years back and it is expected to become even more usable in the years to come. It is said that this technology is better in terms of performance at a rate of 100%.

If you think that this 5G application service is limited to speed alone, then you’re wrong. It can be used for other aspects other than speed, such as:

  •       Data security

  •       3D gaming

  •       Augmented reality

Nowadays, this technology has become evidently popular in several companies. Some big names in the tech industry such as Verizon, Samsung and LG have already announced to launch their 5G-capable chips in the coming days. The excitement has reached to a dramatic level where everyone expects it to provide them with more benefits.

With this fact, we can say that these 5G-based services can be the next wave in the industry. That is why many app developers have focused much of their time in producing 5G-compatible mobile apps for a more boosted performance.

Wearable Devices Have Become Prominent

You have to know that those wearable devices today were evident on the market even in the past few years. Those are not new to us, so to speak. Maybe, you’re using fitness bands, smart watches, and trackers. These are some of the wearables that have caught the attention of the masses.

By this fact, there is a huge potential if you’re going to incline your digital projects into the wearable industry. The market is large enough to accept your offered services and products but it is possible only if you consider having wearables or you’re creating apps that any wearable items can use.

It is important to keep in mind that all wearables require a platform for them to become functional. An example of this reality is the Apple Watch. Of course, you can’t use it if there is no watchOS or AndroidOS. So, the thing here is that if you are a business person and you want to utilize the popularity of those wearables on the market, you should have an app or apps to be integrated.

Artificial Intelligence Works Smartly

Artificial Intelligence is also known as AI. In the recent years, it has become popular. Many tech companies at present have considered AI as one of the most important integrations to enhance the sales performance of the different businesses. This is a breakthrough technology that has come into this world. The integration of this technology into the mobile apps has triggered the mobile apps industry to become more financially lucrative.

What are the sectors that use AI? To name a few, the sectors such as accounting and finance, healthcare sector and customer support service are using artificial intelligence. But not only those sectors. As predicted, there are further trends in the AI technology that can positively impact the popularity of mobile applications. If you want to partner with an app development company, you must also know the following:

  •       Importance of AI-enabled chips

  •       DevOps automated through AIOps

  •       Helpfulness of machine learning

Meanwhile, according to the International Data Corporation (IDC), there is an expected growth of revenue for the AI market respectively this year. The expected growth can reach $47 billion, more or less.

The question that you have to find an answer right now is: Does your business need a mobile app? Read this article for relevant details.

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