Stone Crushing – A Brief Phase Overview

In the Construction industry, stone crushers hold a backbone position as they lay the blueprint to make roads and buildings. The material industry has revolutionized as there are technological advancements in the field. Now feasibilities are estimated for the shape and quantity of the material, and rest is left for the skill and these machines which facilitate the process. There are phases in which different stone materials are crushed to yield products such as small stones that are processed to make sand. Let us have a brief overview of the stone crushing process offered by solutions providers such as JXSC stone crushers or JXSC Mine.

Components of stone crushing plant

When stone is crushed, many elements are used which includes vibrating screen which is used to separate the stones, crushers which help in crushing the material into the desired size (say, more beautiful or less more delicate), Vibrating feeder which acts as a feeding machine to crushers and conveyor which transports materials from one process to other.

Equipment used in Stone crushing

Let’s have a brief overview of the stone crushing process, which is generally followed in industries. The bigger picture is the crushing plant, which consists of all the equipment which is needed to crush the raw material into more delicate or smaller parts to make it fit for specific needs. Let have a look at them on an atomic level.

Cone Crushers:

This part of the crushing unit helps in reducing the size of the material under process to a certain level desired. It works like this: the two portions made of solid stainless steel(one piece moving and other one stationary) through which the material passed, and after being squeezed, the material deposited at the bottom of the machine.

Jaw crushers

Due to small volumetric, Jaw crushers work in smaller areas for crushing medium-sized stoned to smaller and finer ones. After being fed through a vibration feeder, Jaw crusher takes the input and grinds them into a smaller size to process at the next level.

Vibration Screens

Vibrating by using circular motions, the Vibrating screen separated the stones into spectrums, which allows the stones to be fed to crushers and then can be crushed to more delicate pieces.

Impact Crushers

These typical crushers, unlike Jaw crushers, use impact rather than pressure. Material dropped with an effect against applied force to crush the stones into a more elegant size. They have a two-dimensional effect, which is horizontal and vertical.

Roller Crusher

Smaller in size and supporting fewer noise features, this machine benefits in higher yields with low costs and can be portable when needed.

Sand is of critical importance, as the crushing process and the machines stated underserve the purpose of providing sand that works in conjunction with the other material.

Sand Making machine

These machines are the building block in making artificial sand, which serves two purposes. One is obviously the sand manufacturing and second is to maintain the sand ecosystem

Sand Washing Machine

This machine is useful for saving sand during the process of washing and reusability. Sand washing machines are ideal for working for deep-rooted plants, different types of mines, and other material mixing purposes.

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