IPX4- Facts to Know About

What is IPX4?

IPX4 rating is a variant of IP rating. It is used to check the resistance of water, dust against the device under test. The device is called water resistant after passing this test.

IPX4 Weightage 

IPX4 stands first in the clan as the minimum rating, which an electrical and mechanical device must have to be protected from water splashes. It also states that the device can be used in water, but it cannot be used underwater. Underwater usage means that the device must have an IPX7 rating. Usually, the IPX4 test is performed by spraying water on the equipment from all directions with the help of spray nozzles, and the passes device remains undamaged after the test.

A brief history of the ancestor IP code

IP stands for Ingress Protection code and is an IEC standard code no. 60529. It specifies the threshold for measuring the protection bearing, which the inner electromechanical structure provides for protection against moisture and other intruders like dust etc. Usually, the IP code has a maximum of 5 alphanumeric characters to show us complete decoded information about the device protection that it has against moisture and dust.

When you see the product carefully, this code anatomy comprises of the fixed constant alphabets “IP,” and other than this, there may be one, two, or three symbols that can either be a number or an alphabet or combination of both. Whereas the scheme consisting of the first symbol showing the device’s dust resistance.

Which has an amount ranging from 0 to 6? When tested, it is given the number, and when not, it is just marked by ‘X.’ The second element in the scheme shows water resistance. So say, if a device is tested for water resistance, then it is ranked from 0-9 depending upon the intensity. The same is the case, as before that, if not tested, it is marked by “X.” The third symbol is rarely used, and it states the condition in which the device is tested. The alphabets used for marking, in this case, are H, M, S, F, and W. H means high voltage, M means that the device is kept under moving liquid during the test, S means that the device was static and is not moving, W stands for weather variants. Last but not least, F stands for fluids variation.

Things to remember during the IPX4 testing process

Though testing processes are straight and clear, some things are to be kept in mind while devices are being tested for the IPX4 test. These things are preventive maintenance and are necessary to make the most out of the IPX testing. Even if the process operator is considered error-free, then the equipment must be checked on the following parameters.

Humidity test chamber should be kept clean as dirt avoids tight seal : The temperature should be working correctly inside the room as per the manufacturer directions so that if the heat is not controlled; then the machine will not be temperature tolerant.

Air throwing jets must be checked and maintained as when it gets blocked or gets faulty, the temperature is not supported, and cooling beds remain in the chamber.


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