INTERVIEW: Three Ways To Sunday

Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Ben: I’m super. Thanks for asking!

Matt: Great! Thanks for having us.

Becca: Yes, what they said! Stoked to talk to you.

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “I’m Not Fine”?

Matt: To be honest, this is one of my favorite songs we play. It’s got so many amazing dynamic moments.

Becca: I definitely agree with Matt. I’ve actually been sitting on this song for a while waiting for the right time to track it, and it’s ready now. There’s a lot to this single – melodic guitar, heavy drops, and raw vocals. It’s a real pour-your-heart-out kind of song that I think captures a little bit of hope in the midst of a lot of darkness.

Ben: It’s one of my favorites in our arsenal of atom songs (cause it’s a play on bombs but it’s a pun cause our music is EXPLOSIVE but in a good way cause violence is whack).

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

Ben: Well, it’s Becca’s song, I just get the joy of playing it haha.

Becca: Ben, it’s OUR song haha. To answer your question, yeah! The bones of this song came incredibly fast. I was sitting down with an old collaborator, and we wanted to write a song that night. Pen to paper – that’s all we wanted. It was messy and needed developing, but the core of it came so quickly because both of us have dealt with anxiety and depression throughout our lives and that battle really inspired the song.

Any plans to release a video for the single?

Becca: Yeah, that’d be awesome! We really want to capture the feel of the local music scene in our first video. There are tons of perfect spots in Raleigh for that.

How was the recording and writing process?

Becca: When the three of us started working on this song, everything came together pretty naturally. We’re like a family, so we can read each other well. I think one word to describe the process would be natural. Except when Ben focuses too hard and falls over. That’s an unnatural sight.

Ben: All in the name of Rock N Roll, baby!

What role does Raleigh play in your music?

Matt: Raleigh has played a big role in my musical career. So many of the local music supporters are so amazing. And nothing feels more amazing than packing out a bar in your hometown.

Ben: Raleigh gave me my start and my opportunity. Before Becca and Matt came along, I was just some half-pint guitarist who played in his buddy’s living room. They gave me a chance to be something more and it’s been incredible.

Becca: Side note to everyone: Ben is the sweetest thing in the world and his heart is pure gold. Anyway, haha. I’m from a smallish town with a niche music scene, so Raleigh is an incredibly fun place for music. Different genres, people, vibes, venues. Having big players like Emo Raleigh in the scene is also super rad. I feel like Raleigh really gives young bands a chance.

Would you call this a departure from your previous musical work or rather a continuation?

Ben: That’s a question for the others haha.

Becca: I’d call it a continuation because everything I’ve done has led me here. Oh that’s so dramatic hahaha. I’ve done lots of solo work, so it’s nice to put my all into a group and grow with them.

Matt: I always strive to grow with any musical venture I pursue. This band has been such a family to me. It’s also given me a chance to push all the genres I’ve played and loved into one project.

Does the new single mean we can expect a new material – how’s that coming along?

Becca: No, that’s all you get! Just kidding. We’ve got an EP written. You’ll be hearing plenty from us, so don’t worry haha.

Matt: We are constantly writing new material. Somehow Becca seems to continually push out new songs that seem to fit all of us so well.

Ben: Yeah, everything is coming along great. I don’t know when we will get other stuff recorded or anything, but Becca is a really solid songwriter and we collaborate really well on the songs she brings us.

Any tentative release date or title in mind?

Ben: I’ll let Becca and Matt blow the lid on that one haha.

Becca: The single will be out soon, so you’ll have something to bop before the EP comes out later this year. Probably. We can’t tell you that yet.

Any plans to hit the road?

Becca: Oh yeah. We’ve got some great friends in bands all over the country, and we can’t wait to tour, tear it up in their home turfs, and play new cities to beautiful people. I also love travel gas stations, so that’s exciting.

Matt: I’ve never actually been given the opportunity. But I’d give anything to hit the road with my family just once.

Ben: We have a couple local dates lined up. I’m not sure about hitting the road just yet, but whenever I get the call to go, I’m there, dude haha.

What else is happening next in Three Ways to Sunday’s world?

Matt: I guess you guys will just have to stick around and find out!

Ben: Well, we are supposed to be brewing beer or something? Haha we really just do our thing. On top of being a band, we’re all best friends, so it’s a lot of hanging out and spending time together. Hopefully this year will be our year!

Becca: Oh yeah. We have to figure out the logistics behind distributing beer haha. For now, I think we might get some sushi. Other than that, you can hear about all Three Ways to Sunday news on Instagram @threewaystosundaync or Facebook We’re just getting started! It’s gonna be fun.


2/19 at Slim’s – Downtown Raleigh

2/21 at Drunk Horse Pub – Fayetteville

3/27 at Schoolkids Records – Raleigh


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