How to Identify Mercruiser Boat Parts

In case you are new to boast and don’t know about the Mercruiser, let me give you an introduction about Mercruiser. Mercruiser is an advanced marine propulsion system that is available in commercial and recreational vehicles that range from 1.5-liter displacements to 14-liter displacements. These engines are generally two stroke diesel engines and known as inbound or stern drives depending on the design of the vehicle. Now you have an idea about the Mercruiser engine. There is a wide range of availability of the Mercruiser parts in the market, but how can you identify genuine parts for your Mercruiser boat. You can always use the online store like sterndrive to find the GLM aftermarket mercruiser parts for your water vehicle.

In this article, I will guide you on how you can identify and buy the genuine mercruiser parts for your Mercruiser engine.

Mercruiser parts

There are different types of parts that a water vehicle contains and some of them are mentioned below

Mercruiser engine

This is the heart of any water vehicle, and it is available in 4.6 and 8 cylinders depending upon the type of vehicle. The engine rating and fuel system are also crucial for a specific motorboat. This is the heart of the vehicle, and every engine has a tag that specifies the details of the engine.


Carburetor is attached to the fuel delivery system, and it regulates the supply of fuel to the engine. You can identify the carburetor by its design or matching its design with the manual provided with the boat.

Exhaust manual

This part is used to remove combustion gases from the engine by using exhaust manifold. This part is connected with the exhaust system.

Water and fuel pumps

Circulating water pump is used for cooling outboard engines by circulating water. These pumps come with a complete instruction manual and can be replaced easily. Fuel pumps are generally nozzles through which fuel is transferred to the engine.

Marine mufflers

This part is made from fiberglass and is designed for backpressure compensation and resistance from corrosion. These parts come in cylindrical shapes, and it varies in diameter from 1.5” to 12”. These parts are suitable for below waterline installation, and it can easily be replaced

Freshwater system

This part is the complete pipe and pump system, and it is used for circulating fresh water to cool the two-stroke outbound engine. These parts come with complete instructions and can be replaced easily.

Oil coolers

This part is used for cooling oil, and they are available in sizes from 5” *1” to 12’ * 1.25,” and in some boat, there are two cylinders attached, providing as dual coolers.

Identifying the Mercruiser parts

There are tags mentioned on the engine, inboard transmission, and serial information that provides you with complete details of the parts. You should always verify the tag details offered you by the manufacturer, and it should match the tags mentioned in the manual.

Once you have found the correct model with specified transmission details, you should see the details of parts as the figure for each part is provided. For the identifying process, you can use the catalog or manual provided by the manufacturer, or you can visit their website for this information. Once you have identified the figures, note down the serial number supplied in the catalog or web site. Match the correct part and serial number, and you will find the best genuine parts for your boat. 

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