Sometimes the good guys do win.

Yesterday Vents reported about the dubious upcoming sale via auction of 97 hardbound volumes of original DC Comics Golden and Silver Age comic books that were known to have originated from the former New York City offices of DC Comics National Periodical Publications. Our compadres over at Bleeding Cool News originally broke this story and Vents writer Ryan Vandergriff proceeded to write his own look at the auction of these historic books as well as reach out to the New Jersey based auction house Bodnar’s which had acquired them for a possible explanation as to why these books which are legally owned by DC were being parceled out to the highest bidder.

 In a response that is bound to bring a smile to the faces of Wes Dodds, Ted Knight, Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne, Dinah Prince (the Golden Age Sandman, Starman, Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, respectively and all of whom are featured among many other classic characters in these bound volumes), Vents is happy to report that an official statement was obtained through Joseph Bodnar regarding this sale.

“Hi and thank you for reaching out. This is my statement for now until we obtain more information.  The books were found in an attic in Staten Island, NY. The owner passed in 2007 and the 67 year old widow found them this past year cleaning out her late husband’s hoards. Once I have more information I would give an interview.  The online portion of the sale will be taken down later today. 

Our February 8, 2020 auction Catalog portion of the sale is being canceled until further notice. It has been brought to our attention that there could be question to who has proper ownership of the collection of 97 volumes of bounded comics marked Library National Periodical Publications, Inc in the sale. We are working with DC to investigate who has proper ownership and authority to sell this collection. Once we have clarification, we will release our findings. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to buyers who planned on attending the auction however we take great pride to be a leader in the auction industry and we at Bodnar’s want to do the right thing for all parties involved.   

 ONLY THE 97 CATALOG LOTS HAVE BEEN CANCELED! The rest of our Comic Book Sale is on as planned. This sale will now begin at 12 noon.”

On a personal note, this author is beyond happy to discover that these pieces of our shared American culture and history will not be broken apart and deposited in various private collections throughout the world. These books are the property of DC and rightfully belong with them. But, on a whole other level, these books are also ours. These modern day myths and larger than life characters belong to all of us; they’ve taught us how to dream and how to dream big. History doesn’t always favor the good guys, we all know that. But today, with Bodnar’s statement, it feels like we’ve all scored a little victory for our four colored friends. “Up, up, and away”, indeed!

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