The Future of Betting? Gaming and Streamers.

Humanity has been gambling and betting on things for as long as they have existed – while not all betting games have withstood the test of time, some have – betting on horses, for example. Betting on sports events in general has been around a long time as well, and thanks to the explosive rise of the esports industry, a whole new industry has appeared – esports gambling.

Even that has come a long way since its early days, with more opportunities to place bets than ever – the nature of the bets has changed as well.

Opportunities to bet

The first and most obvious thing to bet on are, of course, the outcomes of matches and competitions. Who wins and who loses is the simplest bet, of course, but it goes far beyond that. Fans can bet on things like who has the most kills, who wins individual rounds, and similar performance stats.

Different games offer different opportunities and things to bet on – and now it’s not even limited to just professional gamers anymore. There are other ways for talent to show what’s they’re capable of now – and among that talent are, of course, streamers.

Betting on streamers

While many successful streamers have close ties to the pro gaming scene of the games they play anyway, this isn’t always the case. In other words, some fantastic players are off-limits for traditional betting. Some betting providers have, however, decided, that those players shouldn’t be off-limits either – and are offering bets on streamers that play on various platforms.

As reported by, betting provider Unikrn as well as some others are offering odds on streamers on Twitch, and possibly even on some other platforms. Specifically – League of Legends streamers.

This type of betting is still in its earliest stages, but it allows for a new type of partnership – at the moment between Twitch and some streamers in the Twitch Rivals program. It’s worth noting that not just any streamer will be eligible for bets of course, and a partnership between Twitch and Riot Games will make sure that the best of the best gets in on the action.

Fighting corruption

Match-fixing is expected to be an issue – because of the problem of stream snipers (players that watch streamers and enter their games in order to kill or hinder them), but by working closely with betting providers, publishers and streamers alike, this can be kept to a minimum.

Other players deliberately throwing can be a problem too, but measures like an invalidation of bets made and similar guarantee measures could help fight even these corruptions issues – as can tighter regulations on the games played.

Regardless of the safety issues though, streamer betting could be the next big thing – it still has a ways to go, but it shows a lot of potential, and could offer even more variety for esports and betting fans alike. If this potential is realised, it could change the way people gamble.

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