Satta Matka- Evolution and Gameplay


Satta Matka is a number guessing game that includes numbers (Ankara in Hindi) guessing. Due to mammoth payouts, it was popular among the people who were keeping a thirst for quick profits. Its primary audience included the people who have a superstition for judging the exact numbers.

Terms and Terminologies

An individual who has won a significant amount of profit from Matka is known as a “Matka King”.

Matka was a clay pot from which the number of patterns was drawn

Jodi (Pair) it was a combination of digits from 00 to 99

Berij: It was the trailing digit of the sum of numbers which were drawn from Matka (8+3=11) berij is 1

Patti: It was a three-digit number which comes as a result of drawing numbers from Matka

Tafarak/Farak(difference) The fark was the difference of close result from the open result


Satta dates back in the earlier ’40s, in which the game was used for betting on the cotton exchange opening and closing rates. When this process was halted in the early 1960s, a desperate need was felt to replace it with a proper alternative as it already was giving a good amount of profits at that time. In this replacement act, Kalyangi Bharat tossed a term associated with his name ‘Kalyan Matka’. Rattan Khatri enhanced this effort as ‘Worli Matka’ with slight tuning to the already existing ‘Kalyan Matka’ rules. These games, at that time, were famous in working-class people where they used to play this game in their off-duty, but in the mid-’80s and ’90s, this game reached its peak where an excess of tens of millions was regularly generated over the monthly periods. As this money was not in the tax net, Police conducted massive raids that pushed the organizers outside their business territories. Later on, when it was included in the tax nets, only Casinos in GOA generated 130 plus crores for state revenue in 2013.

Game Play

online matka play

As Satta Matka is thought only to be guess game. It surely is more than that. It also needs careful study and thorough practice to get over the line as the winner goes away with all the winnings. The first step is to pick any three random numbers from 0–9. For example, 2,4,6 are the picks. These numbers are added (2+4+6) =12. The last digit is separated, and it is multiplied by remaining like 2,4,6 *2, which completes first draw.

The second draw is also identical to the first draw, like 3,6,8 are picked. We add (3+6+8=17) 7 is the trailing word from 17, which we can multiply with the remaining ones. Our last card would be like this: 5,3,6 *4 X 3,6,8 *7. Here is an example card.

Winning strategy

There is a combination of other decisions that can be taken to win depending upon the profit ratios and risk factors. As Satta Matka has the profits ranging from 9/1 (nine for one) to 999/1 (nine hundred and ninety-nine for one), which makes it attractive to bet all money on the type of bet which is allowed by the bookie controlling the Matka.

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