Liability in Truck Accidents in Las Vegas

Liability is one of the most contagious issues in the case of a truck accident. Nobody is ever willing to accept responsibility because the party at fault is responsible for all the damages, loss, and any other expense arising from the accident.

You need an experienced lawyer to help you determine the liable party. There are several top attorneys, like Naqvi Law, who have the expertise in collecting evidence and investigations to determine liability.

The potentially liable parties in case of truck accidents include:

  • The Truck Driver

Most of the truck accidents in Las Vegas are a result of driver negligence or distraction. Some drivers are suspects from driving while drunk or using phones while on the wheel. The driver can also cause accidents due to the lapse of concentration from long driving or underlying health conditions.

  • The Trucking Company

The trucking company is responsible for ensuring their trucks are in perfect working condition. The rise of liability, therefore, comes in when the company fails to maintain its vehicles. Lack of regular inspection and replacing worn out parts can lead to an accident. The trucking company can also set ridiculous targets for drivers hence working more hours leading to fatigue.

  • The Truck Owner

For trucks that are not company-owned, they are managed and operated by individuals. These individuals are liable when a truck accident happens due to negligence on their part. They should face the law if they don’t maintain the truck through inspection and upkeep routines.

  • Manufacturers/Cargo Loaders

Truck manufacturers care liable when they produce defective products. As much as truck manufacturers are held to high-quality standards, there is a possibility of a few faulty parts leading to accidents. Cargo loaders, on the other hand, are held liable if the good on transit drops damaging other cars.

  • Yourself

You might not want to face it; some times, you are the one on the wrong. Maybe you have been driving for long and fell asleep while driving. Or you got distracted and caused the accident. Like in the case of truck owners and trucking companies, you might have failed to ensure maintenance and inspection as provided for by the law.

Seeking an Attorney When You are at Fault

Finding out that you are at fault for an accident can be devastating. Other than the physical and emotional trauma you might experience, you also won’t be compensated. Well, not so fast. Las Vegas law qualifies you for compensation as long as you are responsible for less than 50% of damage. This law is the modified comparative fault. The amount of payment you receive reduces by an increase in your liability.

For example, if you are responsible for 30% of damage, yet you were to receive a compensation of $300,000, you end up with $210,000.

In Conclusion

Determining liability is essential when you need compensation. Whether the other party or you are the ones responsible for the accident, you still deserve compensation. Look for an experienced truck accident attorney to help you get the compensation you deserve.

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