4 Places to Buy John Deere Cotton Picker Replacement Parts Online

As everyone in the agricultural community knows, John Deere has been around for ages and has become one of the most trusted and reputable manufacturers of farm equipment in the world, with new and improved machinery being introduced continuously with the purpose of making the farmer’s life easier and more productive. But even the best-made equipment will break down now and then, either because of normal wear and tear, or because of the stresses that highly-used equipment are exposed to on the farm.

When it becomes necessary to purchase replacement parts, they will always be needed in a very timely manner because the harvest waits for no one, and idle time costs farmers a great deal of money. So whatever replacement parts are needed must be shipped promptly, and must be in perfect condition so the harvest can proceed during optimal time frames. The four providers listed below are all recognized as reliable and trustworthy suppliers of high-quality replacement parts for John Deere machinery as well as other cotton harvesting machinery, and you will receive great results by making your needed purchases from any one of them.

It may come down to a matter of personal preference, or simply whichever dealer happens to be closest to you, so that you can expect the fastest possible shipping times and the quickest deliveries. Whatever your reasons are for choosing one over the other, you can count on receiving the best replacement parts in the shortest time frame possible, from each of the providers described below.

John Deere

When you visit the John Deere online store, you’ll immediately notice that there is a huge variety of farm machinery and other kinds of equipment that is manufactured by this giant corporation, but don’t be intimidated by the sheer size of their operation. You’ll be able to scroll down on the home page so that you can search for whatever parts you need, either by entering the identification number of the part, the model number of the equipment, or just by entering a catalog number. You shouldn’t have any trouble finding the part you need, and then placing your order to have replacement parts speeding to whatever part of the country you’re located in.

Certi-Pik, USA

Certi-Pik USA, is a highly respected provider for cotton picker replacement parts, and they can provide everything you need in the way of replacements, or parts you will need if you are attempting to rebuild an assembly yourself. Certi-Pik offers parts for John Deere, as well as a number of other manufacturers of cotton harvesters, so they have a huge inventory of cotton picker parts that they are able to provide to agriculturalists.

This company has been in business since 1988, and during that time, they have quickly risen to become one of the most respected replacement parts companies in the business. Certi-Pik USA also offers a wide variety of specialty items which might be needed by cotton harvesters, as well as some sheet metal parts suitable for rebuilding jobs on cotton harvesting equipment. When you’re browsing through the company website, you’ll notice a tab at the top labeled Catalog, and that’s where you can begin your search for whatever replacement parts you need.

Green Farm Parts

Green Farm Parts primarily offers replacement parts for John Deere machinery, and they specialize in selling fenders, hoods, seats, and a number of the other most popular replacement parts ordered by customers. This company also offers a number of accessories which you might find useful in your cotton harvesting operation, or which will make it more convenient for you when you have to spend long hours in the field.

You’ll be able to order your John Deere replacement parts either by using the equipment model number or the specific part number of that item which you need to replace. They have excellent parts diagrams which can provide a clear depiction of each component in any piece of machinery, so that you won’t make a mistake by ordering the wrong part.

Green Farm Parts has been in business since 1955, and during that entire period, they have always done their best to provide high-quality parts at the most affordable prices, while also delivering top-notch customer service. As with most online stores, you’ll be able to shop for your replacement parts 24×7, so that whenever you experience a worn-out part or breakdown, you’ll be able to quickly order what you need and have it speeding toward you the next day.

Tractor House Parts

The online store for Tractor House Parts has around 10,000 different John Deere equipment model numbers that you can browse through in order to find the specific parts or components you need to order. This makes it fairly easy to quickly navigate to the parts you need, and to place your order, so that you can have those replacement parts shipped to you in the shortest possible time frame. John Deere machinery is just one of the major manufacturers which this company provides replacement parts for, but it is by far the largest companies they support, as evidenced by the extensive listings of farm equipment made by John Deere.


When you need replacement parts for your John Deere CP690 cotton picker, or any other John Deere machinery for that matter, you’ll have a number of choices available to you where you can quickly order those parts and have them shipped out promptly. You can always order whatever parts you need directly from the John Deere folks themselves, or you can order them from a provider known as Certi-Pik.

Another option would be to contact Green Farm Parts and have them send you whatever replacement parts you’re in need of, and one final option would be to get in touch with a company called Tractor House Parts to get replacements for your worn out parts. Whichever of these providers you choose, you’re sure to get great customer service, high-quality manufacturer parts, and prompt shipping which will keep your harvesting operation on schedule.

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