What Makes the Bamboo Fabric Special to Wear?

Bamboo is a natural product of the continent of Asia. It is a starchy pulp which is extracted from the base of the bamboo tree trunk. This starchy flesh is taken from the leaves and stems of the bamboo tee and is then processed into refined fabrics by passing it through the multi-phase bleaching and hydrolysis-alkalization processes. It is then sent to the chemical fiber factories to turn the bamboo pulp into the fine bamboo fiber.

The bamboo fiber yarns are then used to make the bamboo fabrics. This fabric is excellently enriched in the properties of absorbing the moisture, and it is biodegradable, which means that it can decompose after a certain age. The bamboo fiber is a product of nature, and when it is done giving its benefits to the human kind; it returns itself to nature, from where it belonged. Why is this fabric preferred over hundreds of other fabric types which are already available, because it is eco-friendly, natural, and biodegradable then the rest of other fabric types.

The unique and most attractive characteristic of this newly-made fabric is its ability to breathe, which means that you won’t feel too hot, even if you wear a bamboo fabric shirt under the hot blazing sun. It is made in such a way that the cross-section of the fiber has a lot of micro-holes and micro-gaps which provides more high-grade ventilation and moisture absorption. The bamboo fiber clothing has the tendency to evaporate and absorb the human sweat in a few seconds. These clothes are regarded as the best summer clothes because of their excellent moisture absorption properties. No matter how far the temperature is exceeding, the clothes won’t ever stick on to your body due to excess moisture or sweat. During the hot summer days, it is usually hard to keep ourselves away from skin rashes and to keep good hygiene becomes one tough job as the sweat constantly keeps releasing. But the bamboo fabric underwear and other undergarments keep you protected from any skin rash or itching.

Bamboo fabrics drape better, are soft, have beautiful colors, and support natural dying. Bamboo special clothes include bathing suits, sweaters, blankets, mats, and towels. They have great water retention properties and are very delicate; they have a different glow and mostly come in eye-soothing bight color hues.  The bamboo fabric is anti-bacterial, so it is ideal for making skin fitted tee-shirts, underwear, bras, and socks. The anti-ultraviolet nature is beneficial in making the apparel, which is well-suited for summers — specially designed to protect the young children, pregnant ladies, and such people having sensitive skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays produced by the sun.

The sanitary materials produced from bamboo include masks, bandages, nurses’ wear, surgical clothes, etc. It has natural sanitization properties, so it is widely used in the production of gauze, sanitary towels, absorbent pads, etc. It also does no harm to the skin or causes any skin allergies upon direct interaction with the skin. This characteristic makes it a special product and makes it stand out in the market.

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