What is the Best PVC Pipe Cutter to Buy? 7 Great Options

Any home plumbing system has different types of pipes for various purposes. It is very rare for a plumbing system to have just one type of pipe throughout the entire system. As such, you’ll require different types of pipe cutters for different pipe sizes and types.

Pipe cutters are essential tools for any plumbing work. Pipes rarely come in custom sizes tailor-made for your plumbing system. So you’ll need to adjust your pipes accordingly, and the pipe cutter is your best tool for the job. For metal pipes or thicker steel pipes, a powerful plasma cutter will be best. BestOfMachinery has listed 10 of the Best Plasma Cutters if you’re looking for one.

Generally, the thicker the PVC pipe, the harder it will be for your PVC pipe cutter to cut through. In this piece, we’ll look at some of the best PVC cutters to look for next time you need one.

Best Pipe Cutters to Buy 

When looking for effective pipe cutters, here are a couple of options to consider. These PVC pipe cutters have different price points to fit your intense budget.

The list consists of some of the most powerful, efficient, and effective cutters on the market. Take note of each PVC cutter and buy something that gives you value for money. In no particular order, the list is as follows:-

  1. Ezy Grind Inside Pipe Cutter with Diamond Blade 3 1/8 (80 mm)

There’s a reason why this PVC pipe cutter tops the list. This outstanding piece of equipment from TigerFish Tools is what every plumber needs.

This PVC pipe cutter is ideal for cutting the inside of large pipes.

The Ezy Grind Inside Pipe Cutter is an excellent inside pipe cutter, and with its diamond blade, it can cut through whatever thickness of PVC pipe easily. You also don’t have to worry about any wear or tear from overuse. This tool will last you a good long time before you need to do any replacement.

Here are some notable features of this pipe cutter:-

  • You have complete control of the blade, which makes it excellent for precision work.

  • It has a quick-release mount, which makes your work easier.

  • It cuts quickly through PVC pipes and is just as effective for concrete cutting.

  • It has an 80mm diamond blade that will last for ages.

  • Buy it from tiger tools and get an extra guide wheel for free.

Replacement parts for this PVC pipe cutter are also readily available, though you will rarely need them. That said, it’s always a good idea to have some replacement wheels in case of any mishap.

For smaller pipes, you can settle for the smaller Ezy grind pipe cutter that has a 36mm blade instead of the 80mm blade variation.

  1. Ridgid 23498 RC-1625

Aside from the grinder PVC pipe cutters, you can also settle for the manual alternative. These pipe cutters are ideal for small plumbing jobs. The Ridgid 23498 RC-1625 is a great manual PVC pipe cutter.

This pipe cutter cuts PVC pipes seamlessly. Apart from PVC, this pipe cutter also cuts easily through PEX, PE, rubber hoses, and multi-layer tubing.

The standout features of this PVC pipe are:-

  • Ergonomic design for handles for a firm grip and comfort when in use.

  • Feature bur-less cutting. This feature means you get a smooth square cut without breaking a sweat.

  • It has a ratcheting mechanism that integrates with the blade for easier and more accurate cuts.

  • It comes with a lifetime warranty that covers any material defects.

  • The cutter’s Aluminum construct means this pipe cutter is very durable and can withstand heavy use and still work as well.

  • Though very durable, this pipe cutter comes with replaceable blades.

What gives this pipe an edge over others in its category, is the high-quality standards in its build and design. For smaller plumbing jobs, this pipe cutter will no doubt have you covered.

The only drawback of this PVC pipe cutters is that it has small handles. It might also be a bit difficult to cut pipes perpendicularly.

  1. Knoweasy PVC Pipe Cutter

Another easy-to-use PVC pipe cutter makes its way to the list.

The Knoweasy PVC Pipe Cutter is on this list because of its versatility. This pipe has a reasonable price tag but comes with plenty of features you’d find in a high-end pipe cutter.

Its build is stainless steel and manganese. These blades are very tough and will last for a very long time. It has a pawl that facilitates pretty soft cutting. This pawl saves you about 30% of the energy you’d usually use in normal cutting.

It also features an auto-locking function that prevents any injury during use.  This pipe cutter is great for professional plumbing but any handy person can use it very easily.

  1. Milwaukee 48-222-4800

This PVC pipe cutter is among the many pipe cutter models from Milwaukee and is best for small DIY projects.  It has innovative patent-pending replaceable blades that are very long-lasting. It has a lock and latch that is pretty handy when you’re doing your cutting.

The rework groove is excellent for correcting any errors during cutting. This groove is the reason this particular model is great for amateurs and DIY projects.

  1. Klein Tools 88912

This PVC cutter is a favorite among many plumbers. This tool delivers clean cuts very fast.  It’s especially great for vent lines and drains.

It has a latch that keeps things safe when closed. The downside to this cutter is that it may not be sturdy enough for very heavy work.

  1. RIDGID 23488 PVC pipe Cutter

This entry from Ridgid gives the best value for money.  It has a spring-loaded axle that makes cutting smooth and effortless.

It is also lightweight but also very sturdy. The only downside to this pipe cutter is that it has short cutters. Otherwise, this pipe cutter does a bang-up job for its price point.

  1. AIRAJ PVC Pipe Cutter (The Ratcheting Type)

You may mix up these pipe cutter models, but make sure you always ask for the ratcheting type. AIRAJ is among the lesser-known brands in tool manufacturing. However, this company delivers incredible products at reasonable prices.

It has a single finger blade release and is also pretty durable. The only con to this pipe cutter is its limitation. It cannot cut beyond one and a half-inch pipes.

Time to get Some Tools

Now that you know the industry best PVC pipe cutters, it’s time to get yours. Remember, the grinders are excellent pipe cutters. However, you don’t need a whole grinder for amateur or DIY projects.

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