8 Fun Bus Games You Have to Try on a Party Bus!

Do you have a night out scheduled with a party bus chauffeuring you around town?

Planning fun bus games for the ride takes the fun to the next level.

Most groups listen to music, dance, and drink on the party bus. That’s fun, too. But adding in some games can spice things up while you’re driving between stops.

Remember to keep everything safe and not get too out of hand.

These eight games will get you started.

  1. Two Truths and a Lie

Are your friends good at telling lies? Two truths and a lie is a quick way to find out.

Each person takes turns telling two true things about themselves and one lie. The goal is to make it difficult for everyone else to tell which one is the lie.

There’s some strategy to this. You can make them all sound normal or make them all sound outrageous to make them more challenging to choose.

You might choose an outrageous-sounding truth and pair it with another normal-sounding truth and a normal-sounding lie. People might automatically assume the outrageous truth is actually a lie since it sounds so far-fetched.

After making the three statements, the rest of the group tries to guess which statement was false.

It’s a fun way to learn more about your friends. If everyone knows each other well, you may need to dig deep to think of two facts that everyone doesn’t already know.

  1. Truth or Dare

Remember when you used to play truth or dare at sleepovers as a kid? That game never gets old, and it’s the perfect game to do on a party bus.

It doesn’t require any supplies, so you can play it at any time. You can pause the game when you get to a stop and pick up where you left off when you get back on the bus.

Players take turns deciding if they want to tell a truth or do a dare. After a few drinks, your friends may be a lot more open with what they’ll share. And they may get a lot more into the dares.

  1. What’s in Your Purse?

This party bus game is perfect for a bachelorette party or girl’s night out.

Create a list of items that could be in someone’s purse. Add a mix of common items that almost everyone has and more obscure things that only a few people might have.

Call off the items one at a time. The first person to produce the item wins that round. You can have little prizes for each round to make it more fun.

For the final round, ask everyone to take out the most unusual or outrageous item they have in their purse. The most unique item wins.

  1. Trivia

Challenge the knowledge of your friends with a trivia game while you drive around town. You can use a premade trivia game or come up with your own trivia questions.

You can also customize the questions to the occasion. If you’re hosting a bachelorette party, you might create questions about the bride-to-be or the couple, such as where they met. You could also throw in questions about weddings or marriage.

Divide everyone into two or more teams. Ask a few trivia questions while you’re traveling between stops. Track points throughout the night to see which team answers the most questions correctly.

  1. Karaoke Sing-Off

Do your friends love a good challenge? Set up a karaoke competition where friends can go head-to-head.

You don’t need an actual karaoke machine to play this game, although that takes it to the next level. You just need some upbeat music that keeps the party rolling.

Have individuals or groups of people take turns performing karaoke songs. Then, vote for who wins the sing-off.

You can create a bracket and have the winners of each round compete again until you have an ultimate champion.

  1. Dance Off

If your group is more of the dancing type, organize a dance competition in the party bus. While your party bus service takes care of the driving, you can heat things up on your makeshift dance floor.

Most party buses have plenty of room in them for dancing. They may have strobe lights and other special effects to make it more exciting. Pair up and challenge each other to a dance-off for fun.

  1. Telephone

Another game from your childhood, telephone gets quite interesting after you’ve stopped at a few bars. You’ll likely end up with some creative changes to the message as it goes along.

Telephone starts with one person creating a message. It could be anything, from a random sentence to something related to the event you’re celebrating.

The first person whispers the message to the next person. That person whispers it to the next person. That continues until the message passes through everyone.

The final person says the message out loud as they hear it. The results are often very entertaining and a far stretch from the original message.

For a slight variation, divide the bus riders into two groups. Have one person start the same message to both groups. Have the last person in each group say what they hear to see how different the messages are between the two groups.

  1. Counting or Naming Games

To start this game, come up with a rule. It could be counting by twos until you reach 50 or counting by multiples of 6 to reach a certain number. Start easy and work up to more difficult challenges.

You go around the circle with each person saying the next number in the sequence. If you’re counting by multiples of 6, the first person says 6, the next person says 12, and so on.

When you reach the target number, everyone shouts cheers and takes a drink.

The final person that got the target number gets to set the next rule.

You can play a variation with words. Choose a category, such as desserts or zoo animals.

Another option is to go in alphabetical order. The first person has to say a word that starts with A, the second person says something that starts with B, and so on.

Each person has to name something that fits that category without repeating. If someone can’t think of a word or repeats something that’s already been said, make them do a dare or challenge of some type.

Play Fun Bus Games

Having fun bus games planned makes the drive between stops even more entertaining. Consider the crowd and choose activities that fit their preferences.

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