10 musical instruments for beginners that are relatively easy to learn

Learning a musical instrument is a fascinating thing for children and adults. You can train your receptivity and concentration. Children in particular, but also adults, can make exciting contacts throughout their lives while making music. Getting to know people through the medium of music enriches our existence and also ensures a lot of fun. Once you finally decided which musical instrument would you love to invest your time on learning, make sure that you visit musiccritic.com. They provide the latest music reviews and buying guide on different musical instruments.

What you should pay attention to when choosing the right instrument

It is never too late to start making music. Do you have the necessary motivation and a sufficient portion of desire? Then it is primarily a question of choosing an instrument that inspires you personally. Learning an instrument promotes your discipline and you can express your creativity to a high degree. The choice of a suitable instrument is not necessarily easy, especially for beginners. No instrument can be learned without using it. Even mastering a bush drum requires practice and a bit of talent in terms of tact.

That is why it is essential for you to make sure that you are realistic as a music novice. If, for example, you think that your sense of rhythm is not well developed, then the drum kit as an instrument is probably out of the question for you. If you have a feeling for melodies and harmonies, a guitar may be much more suitable. You can convey your feelings very well with an acoustic guitar.

Unfortunately, when choosing a musical instrument, dear money also plays a significant role. If you cannot afford an expensive piano, then as a friend of the keys, you are well served with a keyboard. The natural learning of an instrument that has never been used is often illusory. It is more about what you can get out of the musical instrument in a relatively short time.

The approach – self-taught mode or music lessons?

With the help of the computer, you can learn an instrument self-taught. An essential requirement for this is: You should have a certain essential musicality despite the digitized aids. This is the only way you can recognize specific patterns with your right ear. It is not uncommon for mistakes to creep into the “Self-taught project” that you cannot correct without an outsider’s correction.

Attending a music school, a course, or teaching with a private teacher is, of course, also dependent on your budget. The main advantage of taking part in lessons is that you learn to play the instrument of your choice professionally from the start. Apart from the question of costs, the regular attendance of the teaching units can also be a disadvantage.

Five well-intentioned tips for beginners

  • Let your neighbors in time. This is not only polite but sometimes also the prerequisite to avoid neighborly conflicts. This is especially true if you choose a loud instrument like the trumpet or the drums.

  • So that you don’t miss your newly acquired instrument within a concise time, it is an advantage if you learn your musical instrument without any constraint. Discipline and perseverance are certainly in demand and desirable. If you put yourself under too much pressure, it can quickly lead to you no longer enjoying playing music.

  • Can’t you read sheet music and don’t you intend to learn to read sheet music? Then the guitar is very suitable. With this instrument, you can make beautiful melodies only by chords. Previous knowledge of notes is also irrelevant for drums.

  • If you plan to learn electric guitar, you should set up soundproofing in your practice room. Another, maybe the cheaper solution would be a unique headphone that you can connect to the electric guitar.

  • If you think that you do not have good hearing, string instruments such as the violin or cello are not recommended as starting instruments.

The easy entry into the world of musical instruments

There are only a few people in this world who don’t know what to do with music. Music is nice to listen to and it also has therapeutic powers that affect people in different ways. Many people associate a good mood with music. Music brings people together; it can have a soothing effect and also create romantic feelings. In short: sometimes, the music strikes positively, sometimes negatively on the mind. Children very often have an easy entry into the world of musical instruments. But every day is also suitable for adults to start learning an instrument.

  1. Drums – fun and a lot of noise

Are you less tuned to melodies, but more a person who loves rhythm? Then the drums are the right instrument for you. In terms of price, however, the drums are not necessarily the ideal entry-level instrument. For a reasonably decent drum kit, you have to expect a medium three-digit amount. Playing drums is a lot of fun and relatively easy to learn. It is not without reason that drums are one of the most popular instruments.

Drumming is about coordination and timing. You can tackle the drums self-taught. Playing the drums challenges you and you can very quickly divide the complex task into manageable parts. When you play with the drums, you can relieve your stress, disappointments and frustration fabulously. However, the noise level when drumming is high. That’s why you should choose a practice room for your new drums where neither neighbors nor family members are disturbed. If you select electronic drums, you don’t have to fear the trouble with your neighbors.

  1. Recorder – easy to learn for young and old

With a recorder, you can be sure of quick success. As far as the technique of playing the recorder is concerned, it is an easy-to-learn woodwind instrument. The recorder for beginners doesn’t cost the world. If you want to switch to the clarinet sooner or later, for example, you are well served with a recorder. Because both instruments are played with a similar finger system.

A recorder is small, easy to carry and easy to care for. You don’t risk a tightrope move. With a recorder, you can create a theatrical atmosphere. The brilliant song “Stairway to Heaven” begins very slowly with a recorder, the rock band Led Zeppelin has thus produced an absolute world classic in rock history. The natural learning and the low price make the recorder one of the best entry-level instruments.

  1. Guitar – creates a good mood

Experts often advise you to start with an acoustic guitar. Learning to play the guitar is not necessarily classified as easy, especially since clean hand-eye coordination is required. Your two hands are far apart and to be able to play songs, fingering techniques usually need several fingers. The possibilities for self-taught are extensive with an acoustic guitar. So you can master the right playing technique without a teacher. The neck of the so-called western guitar is quite wide. In this way, as a beginner, you manage relatively well to practice clean gripping. Tuning the guitar strings is a bit difficult, so you need good hearing. An essential musicality is therefore very useful. You can have look at the beginner electric guitar package to get your perfect one.

If you want to start learning the electric guitar directly, you can also practice the specific playing techniques immediately using open chords and classic practice pieces. With an electric guitar, you have a stylistic range in front of you that is impressive. With your new electric guitar, you have the opportunity to play rock, hard rock, blues and jazz. In terms of price, electric guitars are considerably more expensive than the entry-level models of acoustic guitars. You’ll also need guitar setups and guitar accessories.

  1. Keyboard – own song composting made easy

The keyboard is very suitable as an entry-level instrument. You can master simple melodies within a very short time. In contrast to a piano, the portable keyboard instrument is much cheaper to buy. The electric piano is very low-maintenance and extremely versatile to use. After just a few weeks of practice, you have the opportunity to emulate a wide range of synthesizer tones and instrument sounds.

With the help of the electronic keyboard, you improve you’re excellent motor skills and also increase your memory, concentration and focus skills. You can easily find a lot of help for self-taught people online. Reading music is not that straightforward. With a keyboard, you train your eye-hand coordination and also your ability. After a while, you will master your keyboard so that you can soon also compose your songs.

  1. Harmonica – the sounds fit into every music genre

The harp is considered an instrument that almost everyone can learn. But very few master the harmonica. The wind instrument is used as a secondary instrument, but many players take the instrument very seriously. John Mayall is a representative who made the harmonica socially acceptable in blues and rock music at the end of the 1960s. With a harmonica, you can spread a good mood everywhere. You quickly learn to play the instrument and you don’t need any notes. The instrument can be quickly taken anywhere and the purchase costs are low. The harmonica is always a useful instrument for new musicians. Over time, you can also get harmonica with different keys.

  1. Ukulele – creating beautiful sounds is possible

Learning the fun little instrument is not too difficult. The ukulele is similar to the guitar. So that you can play the instrument well, it takes a lot of time and consistent practice. You can take the easy-to-carry instrument with you wherever you go. The guitar-like plucked instrument is available with four strings, but ukulele with six or eight strings are also often used. Most of the instruments are made of wood. You can buy them in different moods and positions. The ukulele is commonly used in the areas of folk, pop and rock. When playing songs, chord names are usually given above the lyrics.

  1. Bass guitar – doesn’t put as much strain on your fingers

The bass guitar plays a crucial role in many bands. With a bass guitar, you don’t necessarily have to be in the second row on stage. Lemmy, the frontman of Motörhead, and the legendary Suzi Quattro sang and played on their bass guitar. The instrument is prevalent for live acts. Learning to play the bass guitar is not as difficult as learning a guitar since your fingers are used less. You should have strong forearms when playing the bass; this will make mastering the instrument much more comfortable. There are enough nasty sayings in the music scene; one is: If you can’t do anything, play the bass guitar. But to get a perfect performance on a bass guitar requires a lot of practice, endurance and an individual bite.

  1. Trumpet – Practice makes perfect

The trumpet belongs to the group of brass instruments. It is therefore related to the flugelhorn, the trombone, the tuba and the forest and hunting horn. A new instrument can cost between 300 and 500 dollars. When buying a trumpet, it would be a great advantage for you if you have someone who can advise you and try the excellent piece for a short time.

It takes a lot of practice to be successful with a trumpet. The trumpet is not necessarily difficult to learn, but you will need a good blowing volume. Providing air pressure from the lungs is extremely important for playing. The air pressure is controlled by means of the support, which ensures breath control through the respiratory muscle. Smokers and asthmatics have a hard time playing the trumpet in the long run. Depending on the design, the perceived air resistance varies.

  1. Didgeridoo – a special breathing technique

This wind instrument is not difficult to learn. But to master it correctly, a lot of practice is required. You need a large volume of lungs when playing the didgeridoo. For adults, but also young people, the didgeridoo is a great instrument. It requires specific techniques, which include using your cheeks, tongue, vocal muscles, abdominal muscles and neck. When playing this wind instrument, you learn to coordinate the breath with timing and rhythm. A unique breathing technique is required to determine the didgeridoo. Until you have mastered the technique of breathing in through your nose and letting air out through your mouth at the same time, you should allow for several hours of practice.

  1. Cajon drum – right tact is important

The instrument has its origin in South America. Cajons once used slaves to express the rhythm in their blood. The body of the instrument is made of wood and the covering is made of foil or fur. The wooden plates serve as the striking surface. When playing, you sit on the narrow side of a stool and hit the Cajon drum, similar to a drum. You can quickly learn to play on the Cajon and understand in a concise time what is essential with this drum instrument. With the Cajon Drum, you do not need any knowledge of notes, but you need a good sense of tact. You can learn the basic exercises and the basic terms of yourself.

Final thoughts

All the musical instruments just listed have their advantages and of course their disadvantages. So the selection of an instrument that is suitable for you is a certain challenge.

Your living status and your financial opportunities are just as crucial as your commitment and the time you have available to learn an instrument. Being able to master an instrument reasonably well sometimes means dealing intensively with it.

The harmonica is an ideal entry-level instrument. This instrument does not cost much; you can take it with you wherever you go, it is easy to care for and can be classified as insensitive. The harmonica is a small instrument but has an appealing sound. You are also in the fortunate position of using the instrument in many musical genres. You don’t need a teacher or grades to learn a harmonica.

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