The Slot Machines and Its Transformation Through the Years

Slot machines and games have undergone a significant transformation since it was first seen in the 1800s. Although a number of features in the current free casino slot games with bonus rounds can be traced back to the original design, the mode of playing, the payout system and the complexity of games has changed a lot. Before, slots were only available in bars, casinos, and specific places where the machines were located. However, presently, you can assess video slots from anywhere you are provided you have a Casino Moons or any other online casino. If the current slot machines are compared with their early versions, you will observe a noticeable improvement in design and complexity.

Las Vegas has managed to build a considerable reputation out of its casinos’ experience. The energy on the casinos: the nervous players, flaring lights, loud bells, perplexed dealers, and the group jollification in the incidences of jackpot hits, is something you cannot find anywhere else. The city attracts millions and millions of tourists from all over the world just to come and experience its unique casino experience. The local residents are also actively involved in casino activity. Casinos account for billions in revenues in Nevada.

Casinos in the city is a key attraction for most adults from all over!

Slots take centre stage in the Las Vegas experience. These machines are ubiquitous within the city, welcoming you immediately you land at the airport. You can find these machines in supermarkets and multiple casinos in the town. It is a sign that you have arrived in Las Vegas!

Just like every other game, slots have a deep-rooted history that can be traced back to the 19th century USA. The transformation from the simple mechanical slot machine to the more complex models that exists today is very interesting!

The Original Slot Machine Design

The very first version was developed in Brooklyn in the late 19th century. The design was a model based on poker. The primary symbols in the slot were 50 playing cards. For a nickel, people would spin once with the hope that they will land a winning combination. A mechanical lever was the primary mechanism of spinning.

The game grew in popularity among the Brooklyn residents. People enjoyed the high chances of winning due to the many possible winning combinations. Thus, the primary limitation of the initial design was the difficulty of finding a more efficient automatic payout method. The operators of the slot machines, majorly bars, even opted for other nonmonetary rewards, such as free food or drinks.

Still within the United States, Charles Fey, in San Francisco, came up with another design, which was simpler and had a closer resemblance to the present-day slot machines. The Liberty Bell machine had three reels with five symbols. These symbols were: Liberty Bell, horseshoes, spades, diamonds, and hearts. The simplicity of the device, in addition to the fewer symbols featured, made the automatic payment technique a possibility. The success of the game version opened the way for mass manufacture and the spread of slot machines. The automatic payout made it easier for the machines to be used across numerous premises, including barber establishments and bowling alleys.

Gambling for Chewing Gum

Bell-Fruit Gum Co. had significant input into the current design of slot machines. Bell-Fruit Gum Co. popularized trade simulation through the creation of machines that used chewing gum as prizes. The cherry and melon symbols that are seen in modern-day slots originated from the Bell-Fruit Gum Co. machine. The BAR symbol, which was the company logo then, is also common in modern slots.

Electronic Machines and Video Slots

Slot models during the 19th century were majorly mechanical. However, by 1963, the electromechanical slot machine was premiered by Bally. About a decade later in 1976, the first video slot was developed by Fortune Coin Co.

The video slots, which were first developed in Las Vegas, soon gained popularity in the city, featuring in Strip properties together with the order types of slot machines.

The introduction of electromechanical and video slots led to the improvement of the machines from the primitive “one-armed bandits” to the very complex and user-friendly play interface. The advancement in technology paved the way for an extensive variety of machines, more enormous progressive jackpots, and creative themes. Operators could even incorporate promotions and bonus play modes.

During the turn of the 21st century, when online casinos started gaining popularity, slot developers started developing software that mimics the game environment and capability of slots in the Las Vegas establishments. Today, video slots are very common online, either in online casinos or as free flash games.

Modern-day Slot Machine

Today, video slots are the most common gambling entertainment. In addition to the numerous changes done to the initial design, the primary concept behind slots has gone through changes since invention. The main modifications done to the model include video graphics, LED lights, complex play structure, and branded themes.

Slot machine technology has developed with time. The audience has also changed significantly.

Slot machines, since creation, have attracted positive reaction from players. In recent years, revenues from slot machines are much higher compared to other casino games. In the state of Nevada, slots revenues increase by double the rate of growth of table games revenues. The performance of slot machines has even drawn the attention of the Center for Gaming Research at UNLV, who researched the financial performance of slots between 1984 and 2016.

The growth of revenue from video slots is expected to continue in the coming years. As payouts, bonuses, and jackpots continue to improve, expect slot machines to get better.

Some of the popular slot machines in Las Vegas are:

  • The Wizard of Oz
  • Betty Boop’s Love Meter
  • Sex and the City
  • The Hangover
  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Megabucks
  • Game of Thrones.

Closing Thoughts

Slot machines are prevalent in Las Vegas casinos. When you log into most of the online casinos, you will also find video slots as the main product on offer. Although the current slot machine has evolved to become sophisticated with high-end user-interface, the initial design of the machine was simple.

If you compare the mechanical slot machines and today’s electromechanical or video slots, you will notice a significant curve in the development of slot machine technology. Today, the inclusion of features such as payouts, bonuses, and the jackpot is expected to improve the reception of slots. Current research on slot machine technology shows that it attracts much better revenue as compared to other casino game categories. The increase in revenue from slot games is expected to continue in the coming years.

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