Organisational Tips for the Beginning of The School Year

Life as a student will always be busy because you’re bombarded with projects and other schoolwork that you need to accomplish every day. If students are not organised they will definitely be overwhelmed, and this can become very stressful.

Your child might end up working late. Lack of sleep will affect their concentration and their overall health. Most importantly, cramming isn’t a trait that they should develop, so getting organised for school is about building good habits and systems.

Falling behind due to procrastination and lack of organization is less than ideal. So, being organised will help them maintain their grades and achieve the academic results they deserve.

However, developing practical organisational skills cannot be achieved overnight; it needs to be practised early in your child’s academic life. In fact, they’ll do better in college if they have developed these skills when they were still in middle school or high school.

Using a diary or calendar

Some students will be keen to use something to manage themselves, and these are mostly virtual tools like apps on their smartphones and tablets. Although apps are more practical and accessible, it is still recommended for students to use a paper diary or calendar, especially if they are just starting out with these tools. They need to get the hang of it first before they find the right tool and apps that works for them.

The essential factor is for students actually to see the deadlines and make it more visual, so they know which task has more weight and urgency. Usually, for a diary or calendar, it is important for them to set their priorities and its deadlines. They need to see ahead of time what tasks they need to accomplish whether that be on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Different ways to organise your books, worksheets, and other school materials.

It is vital for students to develop routines and to stick to them, so parents should help them create an effective system that involves organising books, worksheets and other school materials into properly labelled bins or folders.

Therefore, using a simple schoolwork folder system can do wonders, since it can create a system for paperwork that needs to come back to school and those that should be done at home.

Use a plastic folder since it is more durable, and you can buy colour-coded folders for each subject. This will help your child develop their organisational skills in no time.

Resources you might use to help your child get organised

There are several resources online and some apps that can make studying fun, will keep your children organised, and remove distractions so they won’t procrastinate and fall short on their goals.

  1. Habitica

This is a great app that can turn goals into a fun game. You children will more likely to stick to their goals and develop their organisational skills in the process.

  1. MyStudyLife

This is another app that can replace the planner and it helps you organise your child’s schedules, exam preparation and other important schoolwork. It will also send reminders to upcoming events.

  1. KeepMeOut

A good online tool that prevents your child from visiting distracting websites like YouTube and Facebook when studying. This tool will definitely help them concentrate while they are working on their school tasks.

How you can help your child be more organised

Getting organised can make your kid’s life easier and it will prepare them to be competitive when they reach higher education. As parents, you need to take some time and effort in the beginning, but it will be worth it in the long run. This is the best time of the year to promote and encourage your child to be organized as back to school preparations begin.

 The key to success is patience and focus since organisational skills cannot be attained overnight, you’ll need to set the standards that your child can follow, and they will be on their way to success when they have developed these essential skills.

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