A Look at USA’s Top Internet Service Providers

That phone in your hand, the computer on your desk and the AI bot at your home are nothing but worthless pieces if they aren’t backed up with a good internet connection. The internet has become a vital part of our lives. Whether you need to Google a query, or download a song, the internet has become pivotal in our lives and surviving without it seems impossible. Everything that we could only assume a few years ago is now possible and the credit goes to the internet.

Since we’re at it, let’s talk about the entities that make using the internet possible for us all. Entities that give us the key to the realm of endless space, knowledge and recreation – the internet service providers.

What is an ISP and How to Choose the Right One?

Internet Service Provider, just as the name suggests is a company that provides internet access. Just as we mentioned this a while ago it is all because of the Internet Service Providers that we can use the internet at our homes and work. Typically, internet service providers are same as the ones that provide cable TV connections. You can either get a stand-alone internet service or you can pair your internet service with cable TV or phone option for added value.

ISPs pave the way for us to use the internet. Although the process of setting up a connection takes a bit of time, but once it’s there, you can connect yourself to anywhere in the world and enjoy streaming, downloading, online shopping, and so much more, right at your fingertips.

Ever since the internet has been available on a commercial level, there have been 3 types of Internet Service Providers, namely:

  • Dial-up connections
  • Cable internet connections
  • Digital Subscribers Line (DSL)

As we progressed and things were improvised, we got much faster and reliable high-speed internet, which has reshaped every single thing around us. Now, we have the latest 5G and Fiber Optic internet technology, which have the potential to reduce latency from seconds to milliseconds and nanoseconds. There was a time when an internet connection with high latency and slower speeds seemed like a blessing, but thankfully now we all can experience ultra-fast internet, at all times.

Looking at USA’s Top ISPs

Currently, there are around 2,678 internet service providers in the USA, out of which, there are 855 DSL internet providers, 235 Copper internet providers for business connections, 1296 providers of fiber internet, 1577 wireless broadband internet providers and 52 LTE service providers.

Out of all the 2,678 providers, we have picked our favorite top 3. That’s right, now we’re going to walk you through USA’s top-notch internet service providers that you can choose in order to experience an unprecedented high-speed internet connection.

1.    Charter Spectrum

Spectrum internet is the brainchild of Charter communications that has emerged as one of the top 3 internet service providers in the US. Spectrum spans across 44 states and offers its top-notch services to around 102.7 million residents. Spectrum is known for its extremely affordable bundles, high speeds and consistency. The internet service that comes along with a Spectrum connection has a speed range of 50-500 MBPS. Customers can also get a whopping 1000 MBPS in some areas with Spectrum fiber connection. Another great thing about Spectrum internet is its unparalleled customer support. With Spectrum customer service, users can instantly have their problems resolved by professionals.

2.    AT&T

AT&T is another one on our list. It offers DSL and Fiber Optic internet to users across the US. AT&T is known for its reliable internet service, which spans across 22 states. Along with the internet, AT&T is also known for its digital TV, digital voice and satellite TV service, which can be used as solos or with the internet in bundles. AT&T internet speeds go up to 1000 MBPS, and the fact that users can have internet service without experiencing any unsolicited data caps makes it all worth it.

3.    Frontier Communications

The third one on the list is Frontier Communications. Frontier offers internet in urban and rural areas of the US and covers a span of 29 states. Frontier is the 5th largest DSL provider in the US. It also  provides internet connection over copper line and Fiber Optic. Frontier internet is available with the minimum speed of 24 MBPS and maximum speed of 1000 MBPS and similar to AT&T, this internet connection is also free from data caps. Moreover, Frontier is available in digital voice, Vantage, DISHTV that you can pair with the internet speed of your choice and have the time of your life.

The Final Word

Picking the right internet service provider can be a great stress reliever because only trusted and reliable internet service providers like the ones mentioned above can make you experience true essence of the internet. So, it doesn’t matter if you have to move to a new place or replace your previous connection, make sure to do your homework before choosing your internet service provider; it’s an investment, therefore we would advise you to take your time and select the one that puts you through as much ease as possible.

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