Leah Capelle comes to terms with the past in new single “on accident” and announces full-length album triptych

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LA-based singer-songwriter and guitarist Leah Capelle returns with “on accident,” a violently honest song about mistakes and the inevitable aftermath. Balancing the line between alternative-pop and hard rock, Capelle wails over a massive punk-rock stack as she begs, “did I hurt you? You know I didn’t mean it… Did I hurt you on accident?” The release arrives as the third single off Leah Capelle’s forthcoming full-length album entitled triptych due out this Spring via The Orchard/Little Cabin Entertainment.

Leah Capelle elaborates on the new single: “‘on accident’ is a very vulnerable track – though enhanced by the visceral drum arrangement and pulsating synth parts, it’s a meditation on weakness at its core. It’s difficult to accept your faults, your selfish habits, your flaws – and even harder to ask for forgiveness in light of those flaws. But there is strength in brutal yet tender self-awareness.”

Ahead of the new year, Leah Capelle shared her heart-wrenching video for “know me better” following the exclusive premiere via PRIDE. A story of self-discovery, the cinematic visual is a colorful and alluring production of pain, loss, and healing. With vocals that wistfully dance from one guitar strand to the other, Capelle brings you into her dismal world. They said: “Grab a glass of wine, turn up the volume, and try to resist prancing around the room in your underwear.”

“The visual for ‘know me better’ is a meditation on love – on both romantic love and self-love,” Capelle elaborates. “It’s part one of two videos that tell the story of how I had to lose myself to find myself again. The piece works through the five stages of grief – denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and lastly acceptance as the characters fight, cry, drink, dance, and burn old photographs with a sense of urgent, reckless abandon. The one location for this video was very intentional – ‘Don’t you think it’s funny that I haven’t left the house, though this place is soaked in memories and I cannot get them out?’ Homes have a way of holding on to lost things – whether coins in the couch or the spirits of who used to live there.” She adds: “‘know me better’ is an anthem for accepting the circumstances you’re in, accepting your honest mistakes, and accepting yourself as you are.”


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