Working Procedure Of An Automated Moisture Analyzer

The main job of a moisture analyzer is to find the moisture level of a substance by calculating the weight of substance after being heated for a center period. The majority of these instruments are made to measure the moisture level of substance that has 0.1% to 99.9% moisture in it.

Before starting the procedure, the lab technician needs to remove a sample for the solid or liquid he or she will be testing the substance using a moisture analyzer. The next step is to set the drying parameters of the sample. The instrument used for the moisture level analyzer will show the results based on the settings.

If you are using these tools for the first time, you must be aware that these tools work by following the TGA principles. It is the same principle that has been mentioned at the start of the article TGA test helps in measuring the weight loss of a particular substance when it is heated. Analysis of weight loss caused by the evaporation of the liquid helps in determining the moisture of substance.

There is a wide range of devices you can choose from, but the one that I recommend is and weighing moisture analyzer. You can check them out and considering moisture analyzer prices online and get the best price in the market if the device that you are using knows the drying parameters of the particular substance. The device will always keep those parameters in mind while heating the furnace. Drying parameters are decided on the material chemical makeup. If water is the first liquid in the material, the drying parameter will probably be 105’ Celsius.

After the adjustment of device and drying parameters, the laboratory technician needs to close the moisture analysis. Locking the device before starting the actual measurement will help you to get the accurate measurement of the substance.

Once the instrument is closed, the sample will start heating up. This task will be done for a specific period, and within this process, the analyzer will keep recording the weight loss by the substance. The process will continue until the furnace is shut down. The sample is not removed from the device instantly after the furnace has shut down. You need to wait for 5 to 10 minutes before removing the substance for many accurate results.

How will you get the measurements? These devices will generate printouts of all the data gained whenever they perform a moisture measurement job. Some of the information that you will get from the printouts will contain the original weight of the sample, the weight of the substance after being dried, and the remaining amount of moisture present in it.

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