How to Watch 54th Super Bowl 2020 Live Stream Free from Anywhere

Super Bowl 2020 is getting near, folks! If you are an avid fan of football sport, you surely don’t want to miss the opportunity to watch the Super Bowl 2020 although you might be on the go. Some folks even go outside the country when the big important event happens. In case you are going out of the country, it shouldn’t be the barrier which prevents you from watching the Super Bowl 2020 live. Let’s just assume that you’ve reserved the option in your country. The problem arises when you travel outside. There’s a chance you could experience the blackout thanks to the geo-restriction policy provided by the TV cable or your live streaming services. But here is the solution for you.

Super Bowl 2020 Overview at a glance

Event: Super Bowl 2020 (54th)

Teams: Chiefs vs 49ers

Date: 2nd February 2020

Kickoff Time: 6.30 PM ET

TV Channel: FOX

Live Stream Free: Watch HD Here


Super Bowl 2020 Live stream official Channel List

Super Bowl 2020 live stream options from USA

Fox is the main broadcaster of the Super Bowl 2020 in the US. Fox has been on the extra miles. Why not? This channel has brought the 4K UHD experience to the compatible devices. If you want to get the full video experience from the service, it is one way to go.

If you can’t use TV device in the current location, you can also open your PC or laptop to watch Fox through its official live streaming site. Or, you could use the Fox app on your mobile device. If you’re away, consider to login to VPN first before proceeding with the Fox live streaming option.

Where to watch 2020 Super Bowl Live Free in UK

Folks in the UK can catch up with the Super Bowl moments through their favorite channel namely BBC One. BBC One has confirmed to be the full right broadcaster of the event. Not to mention that the BBC One is free to use.

If you are in the UK, you are in luck. But if you are outside the country, you could also use the VPN service to get access to the BBC One. Connect to the UK server through your VPN service, then hover your mouse to the official live streaming site of BBC One and watch the full coverage of the Super Bowl 2020. If you are not up to the big screen, you could install the BBC iPlayer app on your mobile device.

Also, make sure to install the VPN app on your mobile device as well so that you can use it to unblock the geo-restriction. If you are away, consider using the VPN to connect to the UK server and unblock the geo-restriction.

Super Bowl 54 Live streaming free options from Canada

If you are traveling or living in Canada, you will want to tune into the CTV or TSN to watch the event fully. For folks in Canada, it is just as easy like that. You can watch the Super Bowl 2020 live on the CTV or TSN. The good thing here is that both channels have the live streaming options. In CTV, you could use the CTV Go App in your device. Meanwhile, the TSN has the TSN Go for all the live streaming fans.

If you are not up to those options, you can still have a way with the DAZN live streaming service. DAZN offers 30-days free trial for the new users. If you haven’t registered to the service before, it can be your great option. Use the 30-day free trials in order to watch the Super Bowl 2020 for free. You will still have 30-day before asked for subscribing to their service.

How to Watch Super Bowl LIV: Australia live streaming free option

Channel 7 is a free option to watch the Super Bowl 2020 in Australia. It is a free-to-air option. If your area catches the signal, you will be able to watch it without any problem. Keep in mind that there is a huge time difference between the AUS and US. It starts around 9:30 A.m. AEDT on Monday, February 3. Circle the calendar and time so that you won’t miss the event. Besides the Channel 7, you could also take a look at Kayo Sport.

The good thing about Kayo Sport is that it comes with a 14 day free trial for the new user. If you haven’t registered to the service yet, consider to take this chance to watch the Super Bowl 2020 without paying a single dime. It gives you plenty of time to watch the Super Bowl and the other shows. You can cancel the free trial at anytime you want. Or, you could just cancel it after watching Super Bowl 2020.

How to watch Super Bowl 2020 live free from worldwide

Using the VPN Service to unblock the geo-restriction

Literacy above all! There is always a way for you to handle this geo-restriction stuff. The VPN allows you to connect to the specific server to enable you to use the live streaming services that come with Geo-restriction policy. Let’s just take one example.

If you’re using US-based live streaming service like Sling TV, then you just need to connect to the US server. If you go to China, or other countries, make sure to connect to the US server before using your Sling TV service.

The VPN offers no-brainer solution for those who have a problem with the geo-restriction. When you connect to a specific server via your VPN service, you can alter your current IP to the new one. That can mean that you can appear that you’re from the UK, US, Canada, Australia, or other country while you are in fact in another location.

When you browse online, chances are there are a lot of VPN services that you will come across. It could be taking a lot of time to research and compare them all by yourself. Let’s save the time for you and recommend ExpressVPN. It is the best VPN service for live streaming so far.

So, you just need to do these to watch the Super Bowl 2020 anywhere you want:

  • Get the VPN installed on your device. ExpressVPN is compatible with many devices. Consider taking a look at its official sites to see if your devices can work with the live streaming service.
  • Connect to the Specific server
  • Use the live streaming service.

That’s it!

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