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Tamil songs are entertaining and heartwarming, the latest source of fun. The early forms of these songs included the vibrant pieces from Sangam Literature. Still, over time, the way, the type and the style of music began changing into a totally new form that is mind relaxing and rejuvenating. A movie becoming a flop and hit cannot be the only guideline to demonstrate its worthiness. The best method would be by judging its narration style and the content. I mean the screenplay and the script. Without this, the very idea of making a film would not be appropriately served.

With the demise of the gurus and heroes from the time of Shivaji Ganesan, the Tamil movie industry shifted attention from only such movies, which had good scripts to such movies which return hefty profits. Still, it does have a few exceptional cases. In the era of sixties and seventies, the industry put its core focus and attention to the persuasive text alone. Back then, in time, the actors gave such soul-soothing performances that were filled with natural sentiments, and it felt like everything is happening in real lives around us. But we cannot observe this nobility in the movies of today. A lot of the work produced today is either inspired by the film hubs of the foreign nations, and the industry has adopted a lot of western tends, so they forget the roots.

The new styles of Tamil songs are much inspired by western musical tradition. Moreover, a lot of original instrumental songs and tunes are infused in the beautiful poetry of the songs which they sing with their heart. These touch the core of the listener’s heart and leave a significant impact. Apart from that, excellent Tamil composers and singers like Illayaraja, Rahman, Yesudas, Unni Krishnan, Lata Mangeshkar, and Hariharan have won hearts of a million with their exceptionally outstanding compositions and voice. When it comes to hunting a Tamil song, it grows dull, but technology has evolved the situation. The Internet shows to be an invaluable source to produce a variety of songs for all music lovers throughout the world. There are a lot of online sources and websites that offer a wide selection of songs for download.

With this, it is convenient and easy to download Tamil songs with the most significant possible quality of the sound. It holds music fans away from packed music stores and releases time that was unless spent being in long lines at the music shops. Many sites give a free download, but possibilities are there that the sound quality may not be so good. Most people download songs from free sites thinking that it’s not heavy on their pockets. Though some songs may be available in excellent sound quality, most of these sites concentrate on music files to get any savings from their intention. This compression drastically reduces sound quality.

A few are paid websites where great quality songs are accessible at a cost, but the largest of these sites are not available as no one wants to pay for something convenient for free. Aside from these, there are some sites on which bodies can listen to their popular Tamil songs online. A few of the most hit downloads of Tamil songs are the excellent compositions of Illayaraja and AR Rahman. Songs of Tippu, Karthik, Shankar Mahadevan, Harini, and Harish Ragavendra are also famous amongst today’s juvenility.

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