Looking For the Perfect Candidate? Here Are The Best Interview Practices!

You take the risk whenever filling an opening with the right candidate. This is why it is crucial to identify interview red flags. An effective interview reveals strengths, verify skills, abilities, and qualifications, and ensure that the candidate is a perfect fit with personality, salary, and compensation.

While conducting an interview might seem as simple as asking some job-related questions, that’s not how it goes. This is the reason 74% of the employers admitted that they hired a wrong person for their company, according to CareerBuilder. This concrete data effectively shows that conducting an interview is not easy at all.

The interview process needs a lot of planning and preparation; basically, it needs a comprehensive approach. Here is a complete hiring checklist that will help you choose the best candidate. 

Develop a Recruitment Strategy

First, you need to define your recruitment goals that clearly define what things you want in your employees. You should hire employees that not just do the job, but find your company culture worth working in.

Outline the job descriptions that define the job position and what skills and qualifications are needed. Set up a recruitment planning meeting that engages the key employers, such as the hiring manager, who are hiring the candidates. At this meeting, you can plan your recruiting strategy and execute the process. You can also leverage recruitment marketing to make stronger branding, better candidate experience, reduce hiring costs, and increase diversity.

Create A Hiring Checklist

Making a checklist for hiring a candidate will help you systematize your process. The checklist will ensure to keep track of your recruiting efforts and communicate progress to the hiring manager and interested employees. Here is the Checklist for Hiring Employees:

  • Determine the need for a replacement position.

  • Think creatively.

  • Hold a recruiting planning meeting.

  • Develop key requirements required for the position.

  • Identify the salary range.

  • Post the position on the bulletin board to notify the staff about the position.

Remember, these are just a few elements; you can create a comprehensive checklist according to your company’s unique needs.

Jot Down the List of Questions Beforehand

If you think that you can remember all of the interview questions, you are wrong! The truth falls right here, where most interviewers try to fly blind and fail. Preparing your questions beforehand is one of the best interview practices to evaluate your candidates effectively.

Doing this in advance will make the process of interview flow much more smoothly. The two main questions to evaluate leading ability and communication skills are:

  • How are you going to motivate your team?

  • How would you handle negative online reviews about our company?

Plus, preparing a documented script of questions will also help you play fair with job seekers, so they won’t claim that they were distinguished against.

Screen All Applicants On The Basis Of Credentials 

The work of reviewing cover letters, resume, and job application letter starts with a well-explained job description. Your complete list of the characteristics you are looking for in the most qualified candidates is created as part of the recruiting process.

Screen the candidates against the list of skills, qualifications, characteristics, and experience. There are so many ways you can do the screening, like resume screening, reference checking, checking online, phone interviews, online interviews, etc.

Veremark provides a comprehensive set of screening services that verify the candidate’s details and academic achievements direct with the institution. With them, you can verify the candidate’s work history and performance with past employers. This will provide a deep insight into a candidate’s personality traits.

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