Life Lessons Michelangelo Azzariti Has Learned Traveling the World

Azzariti is originally from the Puglia region of Italy.. He started out wiping tables and serving drinks at local bars and hotels after finishing his college education. He also worked as a communication assistant and social management personnel. That, however, did not last for long as he had a dream to travel the world and make money as a result. He decided to pursue it and capture the great moments he had on his camera. In the process, he noticed he was good at taking photographs, and that is when his hobby bore a career.

In 2013, he created his first Instagram account and gained a following by publishing photos of magnificent landscapes, hotels, and cities. Azzariti became better and better with time and better equipment. Many of his photos have gone viral on Instagram. He currently has a following of over 66k on Instagram alone and is working for more. Through the long journey, Azzariti has learned many things; here are a few of them that you can use to become a better photographer.

Play with the Subject’s Psychology

Everybody wants to look beautiful, not only to the outside world but also to themselves. That is where the psychological factor comes in. If you’re going to photograph people who are a portrait, a group, or an event picture, it is okay to take your time and make sure the appearance is close to if not perfect. Do more than only taking a simple photo. Anyone could do that.

Ensure that the person you are taking a photo of is in a pleasant condition. By that, it means that you make them feel good. Create a light mood, and at that moment, it must only be you and the subject. The picture should make them feel good about themselves.

Please Don’t Make the Subject Weigh the Fact That You Should Photograph It

It is essential as a photographer to put the person at ease before starting to capture the photos. Don’t start taking pictures right away; start with a light conversation to bring down any tension that might have built up before the shoot. Ask them a question, show interest in their problems, throw a joke here and there to make them loosen up. Then you can start taking the photos without any urgency or hast. Also, don’t just focus directly on the subject. That way, you will slowly get to know what is enough to be able to photograph. In case there are incredible landscapes involved, try taking photos from different points of light and time to capture things like a beautiful sunrise or sunset.

Lenses That Work for Portraits

The best lense to make a portrait is the 50, 80, and 105 mm because they allow you to converse with the person you are photographing them to make it more intimate. Also, don’t be afraid to use a 200mm lens; it works too. If you are planning on taking photographs seriously, it is advisable that you first know what you are doing and then buy what you need. It does not, however, mean that if you don’t have one of those lenses, you can’t do portraits; don’t blame the equipment.

Taking photos of someone with natural poses is not easy, it’s kind of like falling in love for a while, you have to reach that light-heartedness that makes photographers almost forget the lens, you have to make it a pleasant experience, maybe you want to do it again, because not everyone likes to get photographed, but everyone likes photos, and everyone likes to feel beautiful. Give them that, and they will keep coming back for more.

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