How To Choose the Right Mechanic for Brake Replacement

Squealing brakes need to be replaced before they compromise your braking power. However, it can be daunting to find the right mechanic for your brake replacement project. Use these factors and a VIN lookup free to find the right brake components and mechanic to offer you long-lasting, reliable braking power. Enjoy increased stopping power and long-lasting brake efficiency with leading brake pads and other components.

Read Reviews and Certifications

Every mechanic should be able to provide you with reviews and relevant certifications. A common certification to ask about is ASE, or Automotive Service Excellence, certification. Not all skilled mechanics may have this certification, but it’s a good sign that your chosen mechanic is experienced and serious about their trade.

Customer reviews are another excellent way to compare mechanics. Look online or ask your mechanic if they have a list of qualified reviews for their work. Whether you stop by a brake specialist or a general mechanic, replacing your brakes is typically a straightforward project.

Ask for an Estimate

Don’t agree to any service before seeing an estimate. There are many potential issues with failing brakes. Here are some of the systems that may need to be repaired or replaced when your brakes are failing:

  • Brake pads

  • Rotors

  • Calipers

  • Brake fluid

  • Brake lines

The price for new brakes and rotors can vary dramatically, as can the quality. Ask your mechanic what components will be used to repair your brakes, and consider shopping for those as well to receive a second estimate.

A good estimate should include the estimated amount of time as well as the cost of parts. If your estimate is a flat fee, ask about these separate costs. Ask about overages. Some estimates are general averages, but your bill could be significantly higher or lower. Other estimates are a written guarantee of a price that your mechanic will honor regardless of the time it takes.

Discuss Replacement Options

The most common replacement part is brake pads. However, sticking calipers or damaged rotors can also compromise your braking efficiency. Some repairs are straightforward, but others may have more options. For example, instead of replacing your brake rotors, your mechanic may be able to resurface them. However, some resurfacing jobs may actually cost more than aftermarket rotors. Be wary also of they type that you will be getting. According to the website GrandPrixTimes, “there are a handful of common brake rotor types that you can usually sort them into like categories, and each of them is meant for a different situation or a certain type of braking style. Not all types are meant to be used in the same way, and some sacrifice one benefit in favor of another or try to match a balance between multiple other brake rotor types

Some mechanics may recommend replacing your brake fluid even if it isn’t showing any signs of wear. This may be a good idea if you aren’t sure how old your brake fluid is or if it appears to have been compromised by moisture, but it may be an additional expense that you don’t need to pay.

Compare Prices and Consider DIY Replacement

Shop online to find the best prices on brake pads and qualified mechanics. If you want to save even more, consider replacing your own brakes. Ask your local auto parts store or search online for more information about replacing your own brake pads. Be sure you choose components that fit your make, model and year of vehicle. Compare these estimates with hiring an experienced mechanic to determine the best way to save money while restoring your vehicle’s brakes.

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