Advantages of getting married in winter

If you’ve never thought about celebrating your wedding in winter, after reading this post you’ll change your mind. Wrap up because you’re getting married!

Getting married in winter is a very good idea! Have you never thought about it? Does the cold scare you when you imagine your wedding? Keep watching a snow day predictor ? Nothing could be further from the truth. Keep reading and you’ll see that it may be the best time to do it.

No problem choosing your big day. One of the main drawbacks when you get married in the hottest months is finding availability on the day you want. During the winter months, the dates are not in great demand so you will have more alternatives, both in the Church and in the venue and other services you may want to hire. You will have no problem getting married in that idyllic place you have always dreamed of.

Your pocket will notice it. In addition to the availability on the dates, in low season they usually offer offers and discounts since it is a time when the suppliers do not have much workload. This will save you a lot of money.

The bride’s dress. We love it! The winter accessories that you can include in your bridal look are infinite and very flattering. You can opt for sophisticated ones like feather jackets, long sleeve dresses, capes or other more breakable ones like rock jackets and boleros that will leave everyone surprised. You have a thousand options, you just have to find the one that best suits your style.

All your guests will say yes! During spring and summer, weddings follow one after the other, so in many occasions guests have to select which ones they go to and which ones they don’t. But in winter this doesn’t happen. This can also be a problem if you want to reduce the guest list. Therefore, select well the people you want to attend and don’t be afraid to say no to those commitments that you don’t want.

Theme or original touches of the wedding. Winter is synonymous with Christmas, New Year and Epiphany, so why not include a few nods to these festivities? In this post you will see ideas to get that point of originality. Besides, you can take advantage of the elements that nature provides us, such as the snowy spaces, the romantic light of the winter sunsets or gifts like blankets that will excite everyone.

Everything under control. There will be no last-minute mishaps because we expect the weather to be bad, that is, we will have the venue ready in case it rains or snows. So the only thing that can happen to us is that it will be a splendid day and we will be able to spend it outside. What does this mean? That nothing bad can happen to us, we will have the time more than controlled!

The seasonal flowers. They’re colourful and breakable and there’s a great variety. Don’t you believe it? Look at this post and I’m sure after reading it you’ll want to include winter flowers in your wedding decoration and in your bouquet.

Who wouldn’t like to finish a dinner with a hot chocolate? Or have a dinner with a chocolate with churros? Just as your mouth is watering at the thought of it, your guests will feel the same when they see it.  Get your foodie side out and find the menu that suits you best.

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