10 Daily Foods That Support Weight Loss

When it comes to food items, no calories are created equal. Different foods that we consume will go through the body via different metabolic pathway. The foods you eat can affect your hunger level, hormones as well as how many calories you burn just from consumption. If you are currently working on weight loss, learning more about foods that support weight loss will help you eat the right items to support your efforts. Check out a few weight-loss friendly foods below to eat well while you focus on losing weight.

Whole Eggs

In the past, eggs were feared to be high in cholesterol. Today, eggs are considered one of the best foods to eat in order to lose weight. Eggs have high protein and fat levels as well as help to satiate your hunger. The nutrient dense food helps you to have what you need, particularly on a calorie restricted diet.

Leafy Greens

Low in calories and full of fiber, leafy greens are a good choice to help fill you up by increasing the volume of your meals. Kale, swiss chards and spinach are a prime example of leafy greens you can eat to help lose weight.


For another high protein and low-calorie food, add tuna to your diet plan. The lean fish is low in fat and will help you add flavor to your meals and lose weight. Your total calories can remain low with this food choice but protein high to assist in overall healthy food choices.

Cottage Cheese

This dairy product is a high protein option that is mostly protein, few carbs and fat. You can boost your protein intake by adding cottage cheese to your meal plan. With high levels of calcium, the food choce will aid in burning fat as well.

Avocados for Healthy Fats

All diet plans today should consist of healthy fats. Avocados are a unique fruit that offer a healthy fat, water and fiber. Easily add avocado to salads or even eat on its own!


Snacking can be tough when you are trying to lose weight. A perfect snack option for your dieting needs is nuts. High in fat, with protein, fiber and healthy fat, nuts are a great way to promote weight loss and improve your metabolic health.


Kidney beans, black beans and other bean options have high protein and fiber levels. They can help by adding nutrients to your diet that keep you satisfied for longer. Fiber, protein and other nutrients are important to overall weight loss and healthy living. Consider adding more beans to your diet along with supplements like Kyani Team Genesis. With the right combination, you can boost your weight loss goals.


A proven fruit to help with weight control, fresh grapefruit before meals is a game changer. Lose more weight by adding this fruit to your meal plan. It can help you to feel more satisfied before eating your actual meal.

Yogurt with Full-Fat

Improve the function of your gut by adding full-fat yogurt to your diet. Probiotic bacteria in yogurt can help to improve gut function which helps against inflammation and other issues. Full-fat dairy also helps to reduce the risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes.


As a fatty fish, salmon is a healthy and satisfying meat. With few calories and healthy fats, this nutrient rich fish is a great addition to your meal plan.

Add any of these foods to your diet plan to see maximum results!

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