When It Comes to Home Entertainment, Satellite TV Takes the Cake

Streaming services may be all the rage at the moment, but most are niche players in terms of the content that they carry. You soon find yourself having to cancel one and sign up for another just to watch the shows and movies you’re interested in. This is an expensive way to go about your entertainment needs, especially when there’s a more affordable option that can offer you an incomparable breadth of choice.

After all the fanfare has settled, it’ll be clear that satellite TV has had the leg up since it hit the market in the early 1960s. This is because streaming services are more preoccupied with total subscriber numbers and winning awards, while satellite TV providers are invested in how you and your family are enjoying your viewing experience.

Since you sign a contract with them, they are interested in renewing it with you for as long as possible. That means you’ll enjoy not only compelling content but personalized options to encourage your loyalty.

This is why satellite TV providers like Poynt360.ca  put together customized packages to cater to your tastes as a viewer without having to compromise on anything whatsoever. When the market is full of services vying for your attention, it’s nice to know you can narrow them down to the one that has your preferences at heart. Let’s go over why satellite TV is the best value for your money.

Never Miss Your Show

When it comes to satellite TV providers, you can now access any channel you want without having to surf for a half hour before finding something decent to watch. As large, nationwide companies with longstanding media relationships, there’s really no program that is off the table. Price points will reflect the number of channels you choose, allowing you to tailor your subscription to your particular household.

Whether everyone’s asking for the tissues during a tearjerker, or wearing jerseys on the couch cheering for their team, you’ll be able to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Customer Service and Support

When a streaming service is down, all there is to do is wait for it to come back online. Not so with an established satellite TV provider. They’ll offer you more attractive packages by bundling them with internet and home phone, and back them up with a dedicated customer service team ready to answer any of your questions.

With decades of experience, they have the means to add value beyond the content they provide by looking after their customers. In this vein, they tend to have incentives in place like special discounts and referral rewards programs to encourage you to remain a customer. You’re really the one in control when they contact you to renew your contract.

Stream On

The truth about streaming services is that their products are no longer as unique as they once were. With the advent of apps like BlueCurve TV, most satellite TV providers now offer full download and streaming capabilities for their entire catalogue without an added fee. Even when there’s no wi-fi, you can still have a lineup of top shows at the ready.

Don’t let the headlines fool you. What would take four or five streaming subscriptions can be achieved with one satellite TV provider, and you’ll be more thoroughly entertained by going to less trouble and at a better price. The future of technology may be brighter than ever, but some things never change. Consider a custom satellite TV package and level up on your home entertainment today.

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