Use your “inner ear” to sight sing

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In order to become a really good sight singer, you have to train your inner ear to look at a piece of music and hear it within, just like you do when reading text in a book or article.

Here is one method to train your inner ear:
I like the number system. Each pitch in the scale gets its own number. In the case of B major (I’m using B major just for kicks because most people use C).

B = 1, C# = 2, D# = 3, E = 4, F# = 5, G# = 6, A# = 7. If i look at musical line that has these notes, E, F#, G#, I sing the E as the number 1. Then 2, then 3.

Watch the video below:

As you get better at this, do this advanced exercise: Sing the first pitch of the line, then hear the other notes in your head, then play the last pitch. See if they match. If they don’t, try again. Get an old hymnal and sight read one hymn a day. Sing each part, soprano, then alto, then tenor, then bass. Pay attention to how they fit together. Before you start to sing, though, look at your key signature, time signature, and scan the entire piece for any difficult passages.

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